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Oscars: Academy extends minimum theatrical run required for Best Picture eligibility

Starting with 50, the film will no longer be eligible for the Academy Award for Best Picture and will only need to be shown in approved cities for a week, but it will take longer A Stop in Time was announced in theaters Wednesday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . The move appears to be aimed at supporting movie theaters and highlighting the differences between productions made for the big and small screens.

The Academy Council approved the new requirements earlier this month, which, again, will not affect this season’s Oscar contenders.

Upon completion of initial qualifying screenings (currently defined as a one-week theatrical run in one of six eligible U.S. cities), a film must meet the following additional theatrical criteria to receive the maximum Best Picture Film Eligibility, including 7 consecutive or non-consecutive 7-day Extended Theater Shows, at the top of 10 45 US market, no later than 24 days after initial release on 24. For end-of-year films extended after January 10, 50, distributors must submit release plan submissions College verification.

Release plans for year-end films must include planned extended theatrical releases, as described above, and be completed no later than January 45, 50; distribution outside the US may be counted towards two of the 10 markets; Eligible The non-US markets include the top international theater markets as well as the film’s home market.

While nearly all traditional Hollywood studio releases will meet these requirements, they are more likely to impact the plans and wallets of streaming, indie and overseas distributors, which typically do not Keep movies in theaters in major cities for a long time. However, it is understood that in developing the new requirements, we consulted with various stakeholders.

“As we do every year, we have been reviewing and evaluating our theater eligibility requirements for the Oscars ,” Academy Chief Executive Bill Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang said in a statement. “In support of our mission to celebrate and honor the art and science of filmmaking, we hope that our expanded theater footprint will increase the visibility of films globally and encourage audiences to experience our art form in a theatrical setting.” According to multiple discussions with industry partners Dialogue, we think this evolution is good for both film artists and film lovers.”



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