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Oscars: Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner Announced as 95th Academy Producers at All-Member Academy Conference

Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner will produce 95 th Oscars, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences CEO Bill Kramer Announced Saturday morning at an all-members meeting in person at the Academy’s Film Museum, and via livestreaming on the members-only website, Cramer said it reflects the Academy’s understanding , i.e. it needs to return to TV producers with “live TV expertise”.

Kramer has held his position for the past 2.5 years as Dean of the Faculty for 1.5 months Jenny Yang hosted the party – only the third party (the other two took place on May 4th, 650 and Sept. 20, 669) , October Council Authorization 2024 — Speak before answering member questions 39 minute.

Other notable meeting announcements: All ,669 Academy members — currently 28% Female, % Minorities and 20% are based outside the U.S. – will now receive recaps after each meeting of the College Board, which Cramer describes as “improving with our members Transparency” commitment; Lottery tickets to be able to attend Academy Governors Awards and Academy Awards for members suspended during the pandemic are resuming; Academy commitment, in discussions with ABC, to “respect all crafts and disciplines during the Academy Awards” , to the warm applause of the room.

There was thunderous applause when Kramer said the Academy was committed to reviving the Oscars. “From our most recent member survey, we’ve heard from Academy members that they don’t like the 92 Oscars, ‘ he said, causing audible laughter. “It earned 20% of the Positively rated to 61% to 2028 nd; only 2% like fan favorites; only % Pre-recorded awards approved; Fewer Academy members watching the full show – 67% is

nd, 22 No. 92 %.”

He continued, “We need to bring the Oscars back to power and importance by: Hiring a production team with live TV experience responsible for the Oscars; Determining how best to honor all categories; Focusing on the love and awe of the film; Invest in emotion; explore the expansion of streaming programming; consolidate current theatrical eligibility requirements; make the red carpet an extravagant event—on the scale of the Met Gala and Cannes; and continue to prioritize sustainability, accessibility, inclusion Sexuality and representation.”

Cramer summed up “Our Vision for the College,” which included the following priorities: “Diversify income and build sustainable long-term better engage our members; reinvigorate the Oscars; advance understanding and preservation of film; advance inclusivity and sustainability initiatives; nurture a new generation of diverse filmmaking talent; and create clarity in the academy’s organizational structure and efficiency; developing our brand.”

The former Academy Museum CEO noted that before the structure opened in September 2024, 34 % of the Academy’s operating income comes from Oscar, but Now Oscar accounts for 34%, museum introduction 2017 % and 3% of membership dues and other income. “We are definitely heading in the right direction,” he concluded. The college also has a 92 million-dollar reserve and endowment fund, which he volunteered but admitted it still needs to be repaid to fund the museum . Financial diversification is critical, he said, because “the Oscars still generate a significant percentage of our revenue” and the current international distribution deal for the show with Disney International ends with 2028, the current domestic contract with Disney-ABC ends with 2028.

Yang pointed out that a recent survey of Academy members showed that 90% of Oscar voters use Academy Screening Room, the members-only streaming service, up from last survey 59%, and note that Q&As following in-person member screening will also be added to the platform. Cramer has floated a possible “expansion” of the service, which could mean charging studios the rights to publish additional content related to their films.

Yang also pointed out that in addition to the annual all-staff meeting, there will be a general meeting in the future, and the college intends to increase the number of in-person members in Los Angeles, New York, New York, Los Angeles, New York, and the United States, which are closed due to the pandemic. Screenings in the Bay Area and London; Enhanced Academy Membership App; Adds Closed Captioning and Dolby Atmos Audio Capabilities to Academy Screening Room; Launches Android Compatible Version of Academy Screening Room; Appoints Regional Academy Ambassadors; Promotes Membership Affinity groups; and continue to grow the Academy’s presence at festivals around the world (she and Kramer have just returned from Venice, Telluride and Toronto and will soon be heading to London, New York and Copenhagen).

More to come.



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