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Oscars: Why the success of Netflix's All Quiet on the Western Front will fuel Germany's film funding reform

Except for the Oscar All Quiet on the Western Front celebration in Germany – Edward Berger( Edward Berger) groundbreaking World War I epic in 2023 won four Academy Awards at Sunday night’s Oscars , including Best International Picture , Best Score, Best Production Design and Best Cinematography, a new record for German cinema – with some Teutonic self-reflection.

“German cinema is a huge success,” Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor or chancellor, wrote to Berger and his team The letter exclaimed. German Culture Minister Claudia Roth, who traveled to Los Angeles for the Oscars, called Berger’s adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s anti-war classic “the right time”. The Right Movie” because it shows “the brutality and brutality of war in Europe” and, like another such war, the Ukrainian War “is currently raging again in the heart of Europe. ”

All Quiet‘s success is clearly Hollywood’s tribute to Tribute to the technical excellence of the film , and to Berger’s very stark anti-war message.

But in German industry, the truth is All Quiet is a Netflix movie – fully available outside the German state subsidy system Financial backing – is some cause for confusion. That most successful German film ever made by the Academy 1235349224 The award is funded by an American anchor, which shows that something is wrong in Berlin.

Ross Calls for fundamental reform of Germany’s Eurozone million dollars (640 millions of dollars) a year of film funding system, using “All Quiet on the Western Front” as an example to illustrate how film production has changed and why Germany’s very bureaucratic funding system needs to be adjusted. This In a speech on the opening night of this year’s Berlinale, a culture minister noted that streaming services have dramatically changed “the environment in which films are created, produced and experienced,” as well as broadcasters and theatrical distributors, the German funding system that relies on television financing and distribution. , has moved with the times. She pointed to the sharp drop in box office during the pandemic, which has not yet been fully corrected, to explain how too many German films are getting financed and too few people are watching them in cinemas.

One of Roth’s proposals is for Netflix and other major streaming companies to contribute more to funding German films. She would also like to see commercial films or films aimed at a broad audience with The decoupling of funding for documentaries, shorts, first-time productions and arthouse films, she said, “doesn’t have to align with the logic of the film” market.” Rose would also like to see federal and state funding agencies work more closely together.

All Quiet on the Western Front Oscar success will only add momentum to these reform efforts. Not as exciting as an awards show, but its impact may be more lasting.




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