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Oshiina's Kagayakeru Hoshi manga mini-series to end in February

star Issue 4 of this year from Baiquan Society Magazine Friday announced manga creator Oshiina of Shining Star (Kagayakeru Hoshi) manga mini-series will end with issue 5 of the magazine on February 3rd.

Shiina launches manga mini-series December.

The manga tells the story of an ordinary girl born into a family of world-famous actors who tries to make herself a star in the dazzling entertainment world.

Shiina wrote two disposable Comic in 2012 and 2014 Launched a complete series in the same magazine at and then at

. The series ends in May 2015.

The manga inspired a TV anime adaptation in April 2015. Crunchyroll played titled . Sentai Filmworks licensed the animation and released it on Blu-ray Disc and DVD at . Shiina also wrote two volumes of manga and Single volume manga.

Picture from Dai Shiina ‘s Twitter account

Source: Issue 4




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