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Otakon 2023 host Macross artist Hidetaka Tenjin

unnamed-30- Image courtesy of Otakon Staff Otakon 2023 announced Saturday Illustrator Tenshin Hidetaka () will be a guest at the event.

Tenjin is an illustrator and mechanical artist whose work includes , , , , and. He also drafted Mechanical Arts for and Franchise. He started his career in college drawing the iconic fighter VF-1 Valkyrie for a fan site. This later led to official publications Chronicle and

WORKING FACT DOCUMENTS . He engaged in mechanical design for LeSean Thomas and MAPPA of anime. He is also a voice actor and has worked in and Goreinu at.

San Diego Comic-Con will be Inkpot award awarded to Tenjin (

) at 2022. He was present at the event where Udon Entertainment provided an early copy of Tenjin

Artistry: From Flashback 2012 to Published before the October book of.

Otacon 2022 Scheduled for July 18-18 Walter in Washington DC The E. Washington Convention Center event will also feature cartoonist Kyoko Aiba. The event announced on March 3rd the COVID- policy. Event attendees are no longer required to wear masks and proof of vaccinations, according to “local and federal guidelines,” the policy said.

Last year’s event took place in July 30-30, 400.

Source: Press Release 186322

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