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Otaku Elf ‒ Episode 4

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Otaku Elf?

Community Score: 3.9

oe041©Akihiko Higuchi, KODANSHA/’Otaku Elf ‘ Production Committee This is getting out of hand ; now there are two! End of last week made fun of us The arrival of another reverse alien spirit, this spirit in Kansai area, now Yolde has correctly arrived to bother Elda and Koito. It’s a formal enough introduction that Yolde and her waiter, Himawari, stop to chat for the first half of the episode, with little conflict aside from a few spats and a game of tic-tac-toe. It’s all about getting a handle on the personalities of these new characters, and the new sides they might bring to our existing cast. I think I should loves Yolde because she’s a cute, small, venomous dark elf. In practice, however, I wonder if she’s living up to her entertainment potential. Her main job is to throw out sharper little tempers than Elda can’t indulge in, but since she looks like a real kid and not a cowering adult behind closed doors, there’s no gap to push her charm. Yes, there are details that suggest Yolde is actually the older of the two elves (just a year older), but she doesn’t show off any other parts of her personality that might contradict a supposedly more mature orientation. oe041 oe041 I hope as the series continues we see more of Yolde The concept of Elda having another sprite that interacts with her is for

dynamic The Perfect Natural Supplement . Koito himself even speaks out for us, questioning what a relationship between these two looks like before all we’ve got as they act like hostile morons to each other. One of the main factors in the Eldar’s interaction with the people of her region is their death versus her eternal status. So the idea of ​​how Elda got along with the undead was so convincing that it feels all the more wasted when all we’ve got now is “they’ve been stubbornly keeping the tic-tac-toe stalemate for centuries.” At least Koito strikes up a friendship with Yolde’s miko Himawari, who shows off in an amusingly contradictory avatar. She pointedly took the opposite approach to her allegations, and it turned out that she was one of those people who said a lot more in text messages than they said in real life. This is more interesting in “It’s the consistent lighthearted approach to Yolde’s one-note outbursts. Even the cultural edutainment stuff is toned down with all these low-key, low-stakes introductions to the interplay. Yolde potentially brings a pair of Kansai the possibility of interpreting regional history. Nevertheless, in practice, All we get is a brief sequence of Elda correcting the names of her food. It leads to a little quarrel between the elves, which is caused by Yolde’s tiny inferiority complex. It gives some insight into what Yolde seems to be Elda knows how to handle The details of the person’s relationship. This may have something to do with the aforementioned age, suggesting that it would take hundreds of years for the Eldar to get used to having someone deal with them in this way. oe041 This theme enters another segment of the episode where the sick Elda evades treatment for Akane, the new doctor at the area clinic. The attachment to the now-retired old doctor of that generation is a testament to how her outbursts are funnier than Yolde’s harsher portrayal. Might just be Voice acting by Ami Koshimizu , who injects just the right amount of sympathetic energy into her episodes, and You know those Elda Noises still have bits and pieces. That weird, cute sound Elda sneezes makes the whole scene go; now that’s confidence in your material.

Everything else in this section has a sweet, chuckling energy . Koito’s attempt to make porridge for Elda could have gone the more typical route, ie Makes some rough and inedible stuff. But even though the anime’s attention to detail is impressive, like her amateur chopping green onions, it still ends up with a sweeter and more interesting payoff, only for Koito to accidentally make curry and Ai Erda loves it anyway. It’s just nice, and showed that the Elda/Koito dynamic at the heart of the show is irreplaceable even after trying to introduce a foil in the form of Yolde. Rating:



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