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Otaku Elf ‒ Episode 6

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Community Rating: 4.2

oe061©Akihiko Higuchi, KODANSHA/’Otaku Elf ‘ Production committee This isn’t the funniest An episode of not yet available Especially heavy and lovely moments. However, it sheds a huge and appreciated light on the core connection between Elda and Koito. The two stories presented in this week’s entry can almost seem simplistic compared to some of the other typical meet and greets we’ve experienced, but they stand out for their thematic connection. Both bring back and reflect on an idea we haven’t delved into since the beginning of the series: Elda’s fear of being alone. Of course, it starts to focus on the subject in a properly joking way, as Elda discovers that Koito is carrying a non-Takamimi amulet and assumes she’s “unfaithful”. But even dispelling the misconception that Koito needs some good luck in her studies, we learn that Elda’s need for companionship still exists. We’ve gotten loving glimpses of this attitude throughout the show so far, with Elda anxiously awaiting Koito’s return, like a lonely puppy left at home all day. The comparison persists when we see Elda trying to socialize with Koito while studying, like a bored pet eager to enrich itself when you just want to focus and get some work done. oe061 oe061 Learning is rough, no matter which era, it has charm, no matter There is no elf to take care of at home. Koito’s efforts to focus on the task at hand are dry, falling into the trap of scrolling through social media just because you opened your phone to check text messages, or trying to organize instead of actually getting work done. How many times do you think I got distracted writing these reviews? It unfolds into a situation where we can understand how Koito thinks empathy for the Eldar as part of studying history is an effective strategy, even if the titular god’s anecdotes mostly keep reminding her of all that she’s been through. hardships. Of course, this kind of humor also emphasizes how long and clear the Eldar’s memory of the centuries really is.


So far more than ever it got in the second half of this episode in return. This clip focuses on another ritual where Elda and Koito need to greet Mount Fuji from the Tokyo Skytree in the morning, despite Elda’s fear of heights (again, girl). On its own, the setting and tone of the piece is very different from the usual definition of goofy style ground antics. This is similar in concept to the trip in episode three, but people in the area still see and/or pay attention to the duo. In this case, Elda and Koito walk peacefully through the Sky Tower in the early morning, soaking up the various backgrounds and the various tones of the interior in different light throughout the day. It conveys a strange, quiet tranquility that is unique in this type of public space often known for its bustling crowds. It is this level of intimacy Being able to translate and expand on the idea of ​​light touches in the first half of this episode . It was briefly mentioned last week, but Elda’s bittersweet relationship with the death of her loved one was actually only brought up in a more serious way at the beginning of the series. Now, we hear her allegorically telling the story of Kaguya and her lover, who would rather escape immortality than face eternity without her. The heartrending smile Elda describes to Koito is all the explanation Miko needs to understand her feelings, but what can they do as they walk past this simple ritual and its symbol of the inevitable passage of time?

as always,

Rounding up to the value of time spent with each other above all else. After all, the traditions these characters abide by, religious or not, are still constructs. So if Elda’s choice to take Koito with her to an area supposedly reserved only for her divinity isn’t strictly kosher, well, just allow the couple a few more minutes so they can recall In terms of time, it’s still the right decision for their total time together. If Elda had to hold on to every moment of her long life hitherto, she might as well have filled them with more warm, happy points than longing, lonely points. The frame of their prayer together, and the beautiful music played here, captures this warmth perfectly. We knew it from the beginning does more for its character than simple sketch comedy antics . It retains that in its storytelling corners, but once in a while an episode really leans more towards the human (and elf?) of its main duo which is a good thing. Put in the middle of a series like this one, it’s almost enough to make me as a viewer feel suffocated about the amount of time spent on the show itself. We only have six or seven episodes of these lovable goofs left this season, so maybe it’s nice to know that whether we’re watching them snack together or bicker over video game time, it should feel like time was well spent. Rating: oe061oe061 is currently playing on HIDIVE.

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