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Otaku Elf ‒ Episode 9

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©Akihiko Higuchi, Kodansha/’Otaku Spirit’ Production Committee

This is a great part of the series and I’m glad I got such So much fun ‘s Edo-period entertaining retrospective. It’s not just the way they focus on the cultural aspects of what they’re telling (based on the idea that the titular Eldar actually lived through these settings), but how they emphasize the cultural Essential elements of even the most technological and sociological progress must be informed in ways that we might otherwise think evolved naturally. It manifests in something as simple as the umbrellas discussed in episodes of Rainy Day, which are used at least in part because women want to protect their increasingly popular hairstyles. The rise of Edo period fashion has been a recurring element in

, here we only get a small sample of how it might have developed into other elements of its history. In this way, the show consistently demonstrates the entertainment value of the past, but it also makes clear what we can learn from the most seemingly frivolous corners of it What. This is not to say that one must be bound by old traditions in the face of progress, what is important is to preserve those elements of the past so that present people can still abide by them. This shows up in various ways in this episode, some more than others. The idea of ​​preservation first came up and repairs were needed to protect Elda’s collection of games, toys and books from rain spills. Sure, these might seem like the over-accumulation of nerdy material goods by a compulsive hoarder (whom I have nothing to do with, of course not), but Elda’s wonder at the memories associated with all her old stuff still conveys a simple The reason for this is that she tends to keep it by her side, as intact as possible. We also see a lot of thought expressed in these even the simpler jokes here. Elda and Koito briefly consider ultramodernizing the shrine as long as the carpenters are there, but are scolded by Koito’s (still off-screen) grandfather. Like the presence of the Eldar herself, some things like the shrine need to be aged to maintain that comforting familiarity with the townspeople. Sure, Elda now has computers and game consoles in her room connected to the obvious internal wi-fi, but it’s like a thin parody of the long-running classic manga The characters in this episode Thought, not even a new gadget like a smartphone can infringe on the more timeless appealing aspects of something. Simply passing through fragments of the past that happen to be preserved can rekindle an era. Stumbling upon and being distracted by an old book or toy while cleaning is a common occurrence in both anime and real life, but it takes on a slightly different meaning in Elda, as we’ve learned about her in the series . It’s fun to see her get caught up in surprise cameos from barcode warriors or big nerdy characters. But as the episode reminds us at the end, Elda’s undying memory of her yawning past is something that everyone else in her life must always carry with her as she moves on. Losing herself in memories of those lost days and people can only find solace in her, which explains why she speaks as passionately about her memories of Edo period history as her friends ask. Therefore, it is important to preserve past material for others living in their own time, even if Someone out there asked about it. This is reflected in the second half of the episode, which centers on an old Betamax tape that Koito watches. Leaving aside the joke about Miko never actually watching the tape before that (which makes me crumble into a pile of stale dust), the choice of format does reflect the most fundamental value of preserving historical context. There’s nothing technically esoteric on the tape, it’s just that they filled the extra space with footage of Elda’s excitement Final Fantasy VII, before chatting with Eldar’s ex-princess Sayako and Koito’s late mother. The ability to peer into the past, the time before Koito was born, and see these people interacting in this moment in much the same way she interacts with Elda every day has implications beyond any kind of mass revelation. This is reflected in the presentation of the episode’s material, with casual dialogue on tape gradually turning to music as we watch Koito sit transfixed. oe091 It’s a sweet, simple structure, and the entire episode (along with the overall ambition of the show ) are cleverly built. Holding on to the past can turn you into a hoarder, especially in general 300 Year. But there’s still value for everyone. This gave Koito a wonderful moment of understanding, realizing why Elda wanted to cling to those memories of Sayoko the way her daughter did. So when Koito prompts Elda to tell her another story about the wonderful Edo period, the expression comes back to square one. has been a A meticulously consistent collection, but this week its material feels particularly cohesive. Rating: oe091oe091 is currently playing on HIDIVE. oe091 Chris has been busy keeping up with the new anime Pace season, it’s a pleasure to be with you. You can also find him writing other stuff on his blog, as well as spamming fanart retweets on his Twitter, no matter how long it lasts. oe091



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