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Otaku Elf ‒ Episodes 1-3

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oe031 oe031oe031oe031©Akihiko Higuchi, Kodansha/”Otaku Spirit” Production Committee First of all, I want to thank all of you kids. ever is a show that I think I’d like to cover, but I think it’s too low-key to get votes from streaming reviews. So, like an enshrined elf receiving a gift from a loving community, I must express my gratitude for this gift. Honestly, it’s hard to pretend that this anime’s peculiar kinship with Elda isn’t a huge part of my attraction to it. Here we have an older, socially awkward dork who collects toys for a living, loves all kinds of food, and hates the cold. She is just like me. But is that enough for a full season of the show, especially one that needs to be discussed in the reviews? It turns out that it is unnecessary. Real tricks There are many layers to it other than the featured comedy, which is evident from the very first episode, but emerges as we move into the next episode. The comedy is still the standout part, as even the clips promoting the sweet bond between Elda and Koito are premised on things like them eating too many snacks and ruining their appetites. That’s all well and good; it’s a friendly sense of familiarity that welcomes you into the vibe of the show and all it wants to be. The final result is

The breadth of commitment to the bit is surprising. It’s not an easy case, and as one might expect, Elda is sucked into the siren call of a sleazy nerdy lifestyle only to find herself reverse-worlded into modern-day Japan. No, it has existed since the Edo period, but she has always been like this . This allows the series to explore another angle of it, as Elda’s experience with that kind of nerd might be a 169 Otaku for in those bygone times for

Opportunity provided is an entertaining series.

This is a uniquely fun brand because it doesn’t just Context is used for your standard histories of people and events, but explicitly hone in on the region’s culture in ancient times. So we have Elda recall the collection in the first woodblock prints that came with the medicine, or perform her own sketch of “steamed ham” with Koito as they debate how far the monjayaki dish has grown. It is an exercise that invites all kinds of imaginative extrapolations. We see Elda’s legal distinction to her Nintendo changed these days, so maybe she’s been a fan of the company since they made the floral cards. Listening to old Time also formed ‘s emotional core which takes it beyond mere sketch comedy. Elda is silly, but even in her messiest moments, she’s not selfish and eventually knows the right thing to do is to share her carefully crafted puddings with her friends/family. It’s easy to see why Takamimi’s people appreciate her presence, and the show communicates this through its take on tradition shown in the third episode. Witch initiations do provide a vehicle for townspeople to venerate the Eldar, even if its origins come from something as benign as a late-night food run. This is understanding impolite For these traditions, the series argues, this makes them most important to the people with whom they maintain a personal connection; they may be silly, but like a bowl of instant noodles on a cold night, they can still be found in Get sincere comfort in warmth.

The comforting warmth is the edge It has nothing but compelling comedy Can’t otherwise be right next to it. Special praise must be given Koshimizu Ami Solid run of the show. Her turn as the socially anxious-year-old neurotic that Elda really sells out dials in that relevant factor without turning her into a totally spoiled punch line. She doesn’t need to say actual words, as some of the best parts of any given episode are just her lurking around a comedy beat while making that distinctive Elda noise. I look forward to this week after week. They are all programs that are loved with sincerity, fortunately There have been so many different aspects to love. Rating:



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