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Otaku Elf Anime's Second Promotional Video Debuts April 7th, More Cast, Theme Song Artist

Akihiko Higuchi TV anime adaptation () manga on the official website The anime’s second promotional video, commercial, April 7th debut, more cast members, and Friday’s theme song artist were revealed.

©Ashihiko Higuchi・Kodansha/”Edo-mae エルフ” Production Committee

Akari Nanawo

sang the opening theme “Kien Romance” and Cody Lee sang the ending theme “Odoru Hikari”.

Anime star Yuka Ozaki

as Koito Koganei and

Ami Koshimizu

as Elda. New cast members include Haruka Aikawa

as Koma Sakuraba and Hitomi Sekine as Koyuzu Koganei .

Takebumi Anzai (, , )


Director Animation C2C

. Shogo Yasukawa (, ) Supervised and wrote the script. Takeshi Oda (, ) is designing the character and serving as lead animation director. Akito Matsuda (, ) is composing.

Seven Seas

English manga is being published, it describes the story:

Koganei Koito is a boy who serves as an attendant at Takami Shrine. Rumor has it that the temple is inhabited by a deity, but the true inhabitant is an immortal elf who found herself stranded on Earth some four hundred years ago. What’s more, Pixie is a totally closed person who doesn’t go out…and has developed a video game hobby! Now the servants of the temple must cater to the elves’ love of the most modern gadgets — from handheld games to virtual reality headsets — in this charming fantasy comedy!

Higuchi is in

Kodansha magazine 360.

640 Source : Anime Website

2019 389



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