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Otaku Genie ‒ Episode 10

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©Akihiko Higuchi, Kodansha/’Otaku Spirit’ Production Committee

go through by the usual standards, this is a rather unconventional episode, ironically, it Becoming more conventional in the broader slice-of-life genre. That is, the man wholeheartedly embraces the titular descriptor, allowing us to visit all the established elves and their miko in our daily lives, in addition to the many historical fables Much of the show so far has been effective in discussing and engaging in pleasant small talk beyond teaching with pleasure or deeper intellectual and emotional arousal. As a one-off diversion, it turned out pretty well, though it also certainly reinforced how happy I am with the entire series going in the direction it did. They make it a unique structure anyway. We start with a full five-minute long cold opening detailing a day in Elda’s life, and the ending theme comes up relatively early in the episode so we can watch the end credits scene from Koito’s perspective, showing the same sky. It’s a nice little gag to frame what turned out to be an earnest pedestrian plot. The comparative elements in these paired sequences set up some lovely little payoffs. Besides, I certainly don’t feel called because Elda’s slack routine resembles my own, definitely not. These snippets highlight the closest to the topic presented in this episode, in a simple, enjoyable way to describe the relationship between elves and witches. There is no acknowledgment of aging issues or history between the characters, which has been well addressed in other episodes. It’s just the simple pleasure of sharing a treat they know the other wants or talking about how cute the cat is. In a way, it’s admirable how it works because all the heavy legwork of making these relationships serious was done by those early episodes, so doing something like this in these ten weeks It’s almost never completely boring. It complements the previous material, but in doing so, also resembles an animated adaptation of some bonus chapters rather than anything critical to the overall work. Technically, it was a simple daily life story of the gods from the beginning, critics Its overly understated series feels a little harsh, but you’ve all watched the show with me, so I hope you get what I mean. Last week’s episode is very rich, paying off past memories and the idea of ​​long-term caring relationships in ways that are not only funny but impactful. Maybe an episode like this one is thus meant to be slightly lighter than the heavier emotions that the last episode touched on, but it can almost feel like it pulls back too much a lot of the time, with little mention of what we’re talking about except assuming We just love how much we get to know the characters of people like Elda and Koito outside of spending time with them. Yes, that’s all the often valid expressions of oe101 , but that doesn’t mean it should stop there. That’s not to say I didn’t have any fun with this episode. It’s nice to have an excuse to go back to other elves and mikos, especially not having to be defined by how they interact with our main characters. Yolde, in particular, is more interesting here than she was in the first episode, defining her sweet, sometimes tentative relationship with Himawari in her own way. Where she totally failed to split the roll in half was a joke that made me laugh out loud. If they stretch the other parts maybe a bit too hard kansai region repeat, well, at least they acted like they were aware of that. oe101 Seeing Hella and Isuzu in Ishikawa is also very good. It’s nice to learn more about the multitude of things that Isuzu encompasses, and obviously has some odd admiration for Haira, but is still able to take her quests firmly in the midst of her more intrusive impulses. It also plays an established segment of these characters from an earlier episode of theirs, in Hela’s destruction of the edible plants she’s growing, which we immediately remember as a side effect of her forever gambling-depleted cash flow. It’s not as deep as everything we got for Elda and Koito, but it shows how Even when the actual content is in the cutest gods doing cute things, the commitment to making the characters feel three-dimensional remains. Based on pure precedent, I have to rate this episode less than its predecessors . I’m grateful, it feels like I know enough to figure out that this isn’t going to be the norm going forward. As an isolated gimmick, it’s perfectly acceptable, entertaining, and a decent way to squeeze in extra appearances from other guest stars. But it also helps prove how lucky we are chose the richer approach, as this seemed like an alternative path to a more standard slice-of-life animation suggesting it could be more prosaic. Rating: oe101 Chris is busy It’s been a pleasure to be with you as the new anime season rolls around. You can also find him writing other stuff on his blog, as well as spamming fanart retweets on his Twitter, no matter how long it lasts. oe101



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