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Otaku Genie – Episode 12

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©Akihiko Higuchi, Kodansha/’Otaku Spirit’ Production Committee

This is not a A great ending I was looking forward to. It’s not that kind of series at all. It’s devoted to the idea of ​​spending time with our friends and family, in a way of understanding that life goes on, even when we’re no longer watching episodes in anime form. In fact, that’s how the series ended the season, with Elda and Koito continuing to do goofy antics until the end, only reinforcing their intimacy and the positive impact their relationship had on each other.

The show upped the ante slightly before then, kicking off an honest elf storyline last week that flowed into the show’s first half of the episode. It’s funny because Koito has always felt more like a righteous person, someone who is in charge of the Eldar and her duties. So seeing Koito in a situation where she’s both acknowledging that she still has room to grow and allowing her to do some of that growth is a smart move to flesh out her character. It feels like a rare serious performance of her eagerness to grow and mature in character tricks, as the story doesn’t slam dunk on her for it, but confirms that she might be able to work on it. oe121 oe121 It’s not that there aren’t many dunks, because all of Koito’s archery practice is The festival before the Yumimimi game ends in farce. Yes, it’s fun, but it also brings a unique conflict to Miko. Koito has been effective in her duties, focusing mostly on herself and the Eldar. But in this case, everyone in town is counting on her to do something she is completely powerless to do. It’s funny, but it’s also fun to see her sweat like that, because it further shows how much Koito really cares about those who depend on her, the shrine, and Elda. oe121 Seeing the vibes pay off, everyone who came to watch the ceremony clearly supported Koito, this is That’s great. It effectively demonstrates that Koito’s unfounded fear of the residents being disappointed in her makes them support her, just as the presence of the Eldar reassures them. How could Koito and Elda not be convinced when they showed everyone their interesting rapport on the water? The Eldar also manages her own moments of selfless comfort. She jumps off the boat to catch Koito’s arrow, and it’s all a heartwarming payoff, and a final episode like this one needs to feel like some kind of culmination. oe121 This will be a sweet enough goodbye, but as I said, know it The real power of The Movie is in its warm depiction of the day-to-day affairs of our foolish gods, so that’s how it’s done. It’s just a half-episode story of the Eldar dealing with some somewhat silly inconveniences and then pulling Koito (and Yuzu) into it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The setup here is interesting, as we witness Elda having a really relatable low-key bad day, filled with little tragedies like pepper being spilled on her eggs or a missed package delivery. Completely in keeping with her personality, she would conclude from these little mishaps that she was “cursed”. oe121 Although small in scale, the writing was still able to use this to close, focusing on The core idea of ​​the value of spending time with loved ones. Koito correctly deduces early on that Elda just feels like she’s experiencing more bad things happening because she’s preoccupied with them as they happen. Indeed, these are the dangers of spending too much time alone, so lo and behold, her bad luck seems to be washed away when she sneaks out to play the shrine’s lucky box with Koito and Yuzu. Elda might attribute success to borrowing Yuzu’s four-leaf clover and Koito’s lucky pencil, but really, just being with them and focusing on the good energy of the happy times spent together makes things feel like is on the rise. Even if they do get caught immediately by Koito’s grandpa. oe121 oe121 This wasn’t the best episode Let it out, but It’s still fun, and it feels authentic in doing so. There are also several rounds of edutainment sprinkled throughout the final round, including an explanation of Tsujiura’s fortune-telling techniques, which leads to a small joke about Elda’s social anxiety preventing her from properly engaging in fortune-telling. And the show wisely doesn’t worry about the presence of other elves and shrine characters, instead keeping the focus firmly on the Eldar and Koito. Although we did see a small scene where Kado and Akane impulsively clap their hands before awkwardly looking away, it’s a win for me. After this season, I wouldn’t say no to more from the show, and I know there’s an entire comic that will give us more days in the lives of these nerds. But now, I’m glad to see major lesson it taught throughout its run and thank you for the time I spent on it. oe121 Rating:

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