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Our flagship and flagship killer video buying guide

The holidays are coming and it’s a great time to buy a new smartphone. We regularly update our list of the best flagships and flagship killers, and now we’re putting them all together in one neat video for you to enjoy.

Flagships are fearless as their so-called killers have established themselves in a separate category own status, and now the two coexist peacefully. The flagship is the most prestigious model, the hero of the company’s portfolio, whose research and development department can produce the best products. These are aimed at people who always want the latest and greatest smartphone regardless of price.

Our Buyer’s Guide for flagships and flagship killers is premiering now

Their so-called killers, a moniker that OnePlus introduced a long time ago, are great smartphones with top flagship chipsets on the market. However, the main difference is that they try to keep the budget in check at the expense of other features, usually the trade-off is in the camera department, where the image quality may not be as good as a flagship camera, and you don’t have an optical zoom camera.




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