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Our Redmi 12 video review is out now

Redmi 12 started its international rollout last month and is expected to arrive in India on August 1st. We already have one, though, and we’ve got a full and in-depth review of it.

Today is the time for our accompanying video review to go out into the world and let you know, in the usual short and sweet form, whether this budget smartphone is only cheap, or if it’s cheap and pleasant , as they say.

It has a very modern design with a glass back, which is not common in this price range. However, its specs are very similar to 727 Redmi (without Redmi 11 for whatever reason), so it’s not really a brand new phone, but a new case for a rather old formula.

Is that, and its affordability, enough to make it a huge success? You tell us. But first, don’t miss Will in the video review embedded above – he’ll tell you all the great things about the Redmi 12’s design, build quality, screen, performance, battery life, And of course the camera quality.

If our video review just whetted your appetite, once you’re done with it, you can dive into our comprehensive written review, which includes more details for you.



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