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Our Samsung Galaxy A14 5G video review is now live

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A 001 5G to the US market in early January, and we’ve had a lot of fun lately. This is one of the cheapest galaxies you can buy today with an MSRP of $14.

For us, because we rarely have the ability to deal with cheap equipment shipped to the US market, which is very different from the markets in Europe or Asia, where there are more options.

Our Samsung Galaxy A14 5G video review is now up

A14 5G is actually available in India too, but with a different, more powerful Chipset – Exynos 1330, not Dimensions 700. So if you read our review but are looking at the Indian model, be aware that the performance and battery life tests will most likely not translate to this model.

Everything else should be similar, if not identical, so if you’re interested in the Galaxy A14 5G and its low end Interested in the advantages the watch brings, check out our freshly baked (and newly released) video review of the device, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

As always, Will looks at the phone’s design, build quality, materials, screen specs, Speaker quality, fingerprint sensor, storage options, software features, SoC situation, battery life, charging speed, and camera image quality.



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