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'Outlander' star Richard Rankin headlines Viaplay's 'Riddler'

Scottish actorRichard Rankin (Outlander; The Last Kingdom) will be in a Scandinavian Substreamer on Viaplay, recently released in the US

Writer Gregory Burke (Entebbe ’40) will adapt Rankin’s work for the screen. Eleventh Hour Films is producing the series for Viaplay. Niall MacCormick (Wallander) will direct the series, which is set in Scotland Start filming) next month and will be available on Viaplay in 2007. The show marks Viaplay ‘s first UK Drama Commission .

Rankin, best known for his role in the Starz novel Outlander Roger Wakefield, who also appeared in the thrillers Trust Me and Alternatives , the series Thirteen and The Syndicate and cameos in the political thriller American Odyssey .

Rebus’s novel has been adapted into a TV series for four seasons Rebus be with2007 airs on ITV in the UK. John Hannah played Inspector Rebus in the first season, before being replaced by Ken Stott for the next three seasons. Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novel has sold over 36 million copies and been translated into language.

“I’m excited to take on the role of Rebus,” said Rankin, who is not affiliated with the book’s author. “I’m a huge fan of the series and Sir Ian Rankin. I feel incredibly lucky to have brought such an iconic Scottish character back to TV screens and will do my best to do it justice.”

Viaplay’s new release will follow 71 year-old detective John Reb Rankin, who finds himself at a psychological crossroads after an altercation and the job of notorious Edinburgh gangster Rebus, is increasingly driven by corporate technocrats into a toxic affair he knows he needs to end, and With his daughter’s life nearly taken over by his ex-wife’s wealthy new husband, he begins to wonder if he has a role to play as a family man or a cop in a world of political division and ethnic discord.

Jill Green, Paula Cuddy and Eve Gutierrez are executive Rebus’s Eleventh Hour Films. Producers, Isabelle Hultén and Tomas Axelsson Executive producers for Viaplay Group, Ian Rankin and Gregory Burke ) also serve as executive producer. Viaplay Content Distribution is responsible for the worldwide sales of the show.

Rebus is sure to be at the center of Viaplay’s new UK streaming service launching in November.

More casting details about the series will be announced soon. Rankin is represented by Independent Talent.



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