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Overlord IV ‒ Episode 11

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Most of the episode’s screen time was occupied by one event: the battle between the cast of Pandora and the Platinum Dragon King. Of course, we shouldn’t have known that, at first glance, the battle initially looked like a battle between Ainz and the legendary warrior Riku. What’s great, though, is how this episode gives you tons of hints about what’s going on along the way.

From the very beginning, the conversation between “Ainz” and Albedo was interrupted. She spoke to him in a peer-to-peer rather than a topical tone—almost forgetting to include her usual respect in her conversation with him. Meanwhile, Pandora’s cast doesn’t act like Ainz before or during the fight. He gloated too much, obviously trying to piss off Riku. And the moment when he finally knelt before Riku to buy time was completely inappropriate for Ainz.

The whole trick is set up specifically to gather information without exposing their hands . Albedo could have easily beaten Azuth (and almost by chance), but she tried to make it a close fight to get a key message: whether he was a player or not. Meanwhile, the Pandora cast is trying to do the same to Riku, while Ainz is watching remotely.

Interestingly, the Platinum Dragon King is trying to do the same thing. The entire battle with “Ainz” was to see if he had a world item – the player’s mark. So the fact that Albedo has a world item puts him in the loop and makes him think she can be a player. Of course, although the Platinum Dragon King may know something about the player, he doesn’t seem to have encountered it in reality – at least not at the level of Ainz. After all, Pandora’s cast is the weaker member of Ainz’s crew, and while the Platinum Dragon King is indistinguishable in terms of power, it’s important to remember.

So, as with most events, Ainz emanated from this Come out of the rose scented event. He now knows that Thirteen Heroes still exists in some form or way, knows him, and he is at least much stronger than one of the members. At the same time, the Platinum Dragon King thinks

Random thoughts:

• I would be sad if neither Brain nor Evil Eye made it. We’ve run out of long-term non-Nazarick characters!

• As the final credits roll, I have reason to feel Surprised – not because anything happened, but because this week’s episode just passed and I can’t believe it’s over.

• Mare and Cocytus seem to have taken the entire kingdom army Kill it all – screen.

• Looks like the king is back in power…but that won’t do anything Everyone is fine.

• The Eight Fingers have become so close since the “recruitment” Combine them to do their best to save those who were already captured at the time. (Unfortunately he also has to go through “enlightenment”.)

• I want to know where What happens to human collaborator survivors after the kingdom disappears. Will they be moved to the villages of El-Rantel or Enri?

• Pandora Actor fights in Ainz’s actual gear . I wonder how much stronger this makes him than usual.

• I don’t think Albedo is crazy about Riku Time is at the end of the play. While Pandora’s cast isn’t Ainz, even the thought of seeing her beloved hurt and beaten is enough to corner her.

• I bet the folks at El-Rantel are suddenly super happy to be annexed in the last war.

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