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Overlord IV ‒ Episode 12

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This episode shows us the last calm before the storm. Human characters are facing an unstoppable army full of monsters and undead. They both knew they were on the cusp of a genocide and there was nothing they could do to win it for them. They all face a real win-win situation. Facing their own death so directly is because it acts as a catalyst: it forces them to focus on what is most important to them, which seems to be their final hours.

For the brain, it tries to emulate Gazef’s Practice and engage in a direct duel with Ainz himself. He started out almost as an amoral narcissist, convinced that he was destined to become the greatest swordsman of his era. However, when he faced the real power in the form of Shalltear, he turned into a coward and ran away. Since then, step by step, he has reinvented himself as a humble warrior. This hopeless battle will be his final test – he proves to himself that he is not what he used to be. And although he failed to fight against Ainz, he was indestructible against Cocytus, even though his strongest blow ultimately failed to hit the Zerg monster.

On the other hand, the Blue Rose Adventurers Guild has no plans Going out in pointless glory — well, most of them aren’t, anyway. The members of the guild are torn between what their leader wants—to fight to the end for her country—and their desire to keep everyone alive and get out of trouble. In the end, they decided that fighting one more day alive was the most important thing, so much so that they were willing to betray their leader and put her under mind control.

Finally, we look at Reina in these dark days what you think is important. But it’s not about comforting orphans on the surface or fulfilling the duties of a princess. Instead, it’s her constant focus: pretending to be Climb’s perfect princess. As far as Reina is concerned, nothing has changed. All she cares about is Clem and how he sees her. No doubt she has made some sort of pact with Albedo to ensure her and Climb’s survival (or she’ll escape with the Evil Eye). At this point, she’s just making some moves – although taking back Razor’s Edge from Brain and seeing where the Blue Rose guild is fleeing may be a sweeter way to make her deal.

So, in the absence of brain dead and Blue Rose, The only thing standing between Ainz and complete victory was the old king and the innocent young knight. … yes, there aren’t many games out there.


Random thoughts:

• I’m glad Albedo pointed out the whole kowtowing thing in the last episode – I’m glad Ainz was pragmatic enough as to not care.

• Interestingly, although NPCs and normal people can use Magic resurrection, players can’t. In a meta sense, this is a great way to balance their suppressed nature.

• Rana did not build the orphanage to recruit Ainz Recruits? — or am I confused about another orphanage?

• It will be interesting to see Rayner’s plans come to fruition. Was she planning to be a spy for the refugee princess in another country? Or is she planning to change her stance in some way so that she still looks like the super kind princess in Clem’s eyes? • Well, an AOE I guess Attacking, freezing everyone in the house as you walk by is an effective tool of genocide.

• I love that Cocytus not only retains Brains’ body, And went the other way to show that his warrior spirit had stopped Cocytus—if only for a moment.

• Since his brain is frozen instantly after death, he can Resurrection?

• I wonder if we’ll see Blue Rose betray The consequences of Lacus. Can she forgive them for what they did, or did they save their friends just to ruin their friendship?

• I hope they have clarified Aura’s mission. Was she just looking for a magical artifact to loot?

• We can meet Aura and her pet T-Rex Are you going on an adventure together? Please?

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