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Overlord IV – Episode 8

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Community Rating: 4.3

Because this episode marks the beginning of a new arc – the last arc – which Makes sense. Much of this episode is an info dump meant to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. From the beginning, it felt like a lot was happening offscreen — mostly because it did. All the talk of theocracy, Jaldabaoth’s return, and all the unintended consequences of it are events in the entire storyline that we’ve skipped — events that are being adapted into an upcoming movie. That means we’re not only scrambling to catch up, but we’re also receiving tons of tension-busting spoilers that we have to accept so we can understand what’s going on.

Narratively speaking, this was a major blunder— Even if it’s a relatively understandable one considering the obvious adaptation issues. Trying to spread the last 7 episodes of the series into a full 20 – The episode season to prevent this would be a tragic pacing – especially considering the dwarf arc is easily one of the most boring arcs we’ve seen so far. Still, I can’t help but wonder if they can’t make the question of “why” the Sorcerer delivers food to the Theocracy and what happens there completely a mystery. But maybe the events that happened there would have a big impact on the story and couldn’t be avoided. We just need to see.

As for the rest of the episode, good to see , every many times, our hero’s plan to rule the world goes horribly wrong. Albedo and Demiurge often seem like untouchable geniuses who can do nothing wrong. It’s important to show that even they can’t foresee everything – even they can make mistakes. Having weaknesses makes them more nuanced. What’s more, encountering a situation like this is a great way to show us the fact that even geniuses have a hard time predicting idiots’ behavior.

Now, this can be seen as a less subtle How Lampshade Ainz continued to get lucky and triumph over and over again. However, this episode also showcases one major difference between Ainz and the episode’s plan-busting idiot, Philip: Ainz knew his limitations. Because of this, Ainz listened to his subordinates and believed that they could handle things well, even if he couldn’t fully grasp it himself. When they tell him there is a problem, he listens and seeks a solution. All he does is choose the one that looks the best. Philip, on the other hand, demands the impossible, ignores the advice of his subordinates, and unilaterally makes plans with international influence while drunk. In other words, the problem is not an intellectual problem, but an ego problem.

This is also the problem faced by King of Re-Estize in this episode . Objectively speaking, the best way out for the kingdom was to become a vassal of Ainz like the empire. This would solve their food problem and prevent the overwhelming military power of the Sorcerous Kingdom from overwhelming them. The kingdom, however, is a fragmented one, with nobles and royalists at odds with each other on almost every issue – only driven by their noble ego that insists they are right. If the king bows to Ainz, the civil war will officially begin with the nobles refusing to be ruled by monsters. In their eyes, so clear below them. So, the king was determined to walk the tightrope of independence – to appease Ainz and not let the nobles do anything stupid. Unfortunately, this was a doomed mission from the start.

What is about to happen in the kingdom is not the battlefield of slaughtering soldiers, it is them Dare to insult the divine punishment of the dark gods. The world has seen what happens to those who submit to Ainz’s will – they are capable of living in peace and prosperity. Now the world will see what happens to those who oppose him.

…I have a feeling that a large group of people are dying.


Random thoughts:

• I wonder if this upcoming movie was originally planned to be released the weekend before this episode – kinda like the first How films are released mid-season to make them fit in chronological order.

• Hilma always thought she was a slave of monsters . Now she knows that there is a reasonable person above the monster – if she really does her best, she won’t be punished even if something goes wrong. Ainz saw himself as her only lifeline, so she became a cult following. Better yet, she knew it and had no problem with it.

• Um. I didn’t know dragons were considered a country.

• I like the “Faceless” stamp.

• Today’s lesson: Only God can think like an idiot .

• The king tried to stop the impending Things that happened. It was a noble act, but without him by his side to maintain a balance between nobles and royalists, war would befall his people no matter what.

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