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Owen Wilson Follows in Bob Ross' Footsteps as Wacky TV Artist in 'Paint' Trailer

Owen Wilson on IFC Filmscomedyupcoming .

Director Britt McAdams’ film is scheduled for release April 7, featuring Wilson as Carl Nagle, part of Vermont Public Television’s long-running instructional drawing series. host. A young painter, played by Ciara Renée, is hired to appeal to a different crowd, fueling Carl’s deep-rooted insecurities about his artistic talents.

“You have the right to watch your favorite TV show – that’s what makes this country great,” a frustrated Carl grudgingly admits in the trailer, just as he Was seen throwing a can and drawing on the wall.

The video also shows Wilson’s character receiving a lot of attention from female supporters, including an awkward moment out for fondue with one particularly devoted fan.

While he isn’t mentioned in the trailer, the movie appears to be from Ross who starred in the public TV series The Joy of Painting Got inspired in the sand’ 281 died in 1980 Age 2000 .

Producer of this movie It’s Peter Brant, whose credits include Pollock and Sam Maydew. Executive Wilson co-produced with Richard J. Persner and Joel David Moore.

Wilson is currently playing M. Morbius on Loki

on Disney+ , which will be the second season to return later this year. His recent film credits include Secret Headquarters , Marry Me and French Telegraph .



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