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Packers WR meets QB after Rodgers rant

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  • Rob Demovsky ESPN Staff Writer


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  • GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — Rip them one day, meet them the next. It was the last two days of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ life as he tried to prepare a group of young receivers for the upcoming regular season.

    The A’s were instructed to report to the quarterbacks conference room at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, a day after Rodgers expressed his dissatisfaction with the team. When they arrived, they found all three quarterbacks as well as key members of the offensive coaching staff, who were in the room directly handling the passing game.

    Rogers did not call the meeting, but he spoke extensively during the period, according to several participants.

    “It just gave us advice,” rookie receiver Samori Toure said. “Basically, it is to let us know that the Green Bay receiving group has been maintained at a very high level, and all the legends who have experienced here, we are continuing this level.”

    Toure, a seventh-round pick, started his best training camp ever, not only catching Jordan Love’s 50-yard touchdown pass in two minutes of practice, but also grabbing a chance to win by 2 points The switch ended a two-day joint practice with the New Orleans Saints.

    “Aaron told us what he liked, or not just based on concepts or what he saw,” said rookie receiver Romeo Dubs, who also had one on Wednesday Touchdown catch.

    Tuesday marked the first time Rodgers publicly criticized the organization’s attempt to help replace full-professional Davante Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders in March.

    Rogers called for more stability, bemoaning “a lot of missteps, a lot of bad course decisions, running the wrong course” and saying, “We have to get better in that area.”

    “He just wanted us to see what he saw,” said the Dubs of the fourth-round pick. “That way, we can react faster, play faster, and be able to dominate and continue to be who we are.”

    Veteran receiver Rand El Cobb and Alan Lazard also spoke during the conference.

    “Both Randall and Allen played with 12 for a long time, so certain things we do, we can probably make mistakes, just by experience they’ve been through the same stage,” Doubs said. “Having them pick up young players during these dog days in training camp is a huge blessing and great advice.”

    When asked if the players appreciated Rodgers’ approach , Cobb said: “It doesn’t matter if they appreciate it or not. That’s how we do things here. Either you deal with it or you leave the room and we’ll find someone else to deal with what we’re trying to accomplish.”

    Not only was Rodgers disturbed by the turnover in practice, but he also reiterated that Love’s three interceptions in last week’s preseason opener against the San Francisco 49ers were largely due to Caused by catcher errors: Tight end Tyler Davis concedes the ball, Dubs goes weak and catches, sophomore Amari Rodgers goes the wrong way.

    This is not the first time Rogers and the recipient have shared a meeting space. Early in training camp, Rodgers came to the reception room to help explain a concept.

    Love to say. “But yeah, I think it’s a little bit different from Aaron, the way he asks for it. They respect Aaron a little bit differently. Obviously he has a lot more experience and more knowledge than me. But I think we all ask for Same thing. Recipients know what they need to do and everyone is on the same page.”



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