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Paco Rabanne 2023 Pre-Fall Collection

Julien Dossena is celebrating years at Paco Rabanne at 2023 – a decade in which he let his playful Sexy French 80s style made accessible to a new generation. Of the pre-fall precursor to his Paris show in a few weeks, he said: “It’s about exploring and continuing to discover new interpretations for the woman who is now the Paco Rabanne girl — effortlessly, can’t-care -less mix and match.’

A big part of the shift he’s made is bringing wearable lightness and relevance to the Paco Rabanne chain mail heritage. Dossena has moved the brand from move away from its 10 space-age roots and transform it into a place where you can find partywear, leggy velvet bootcuts, and Gen-Z catnip accessories.

In the showroom, Dossena showed off another insight: that things that seem whole tend to split into separate pieces. The scratch-free, lightweight aluminum chainmail he used now resembles skintight fabric Drapes just as well, and is printable. This is the case with the tiger-striped halterneck “dress” with double ruffles on the edges. The trick is that it’s actually a top and skirt. Ditto in a completely different shape, blue, printed There are flowers. All of these pieces can be layered—tops with pants, jeans, leggings, sweatpants, whatever; skirts with sweaters, t-shirts, pants. It’s practical, economical Makes perfect sense. Paco Rabanne is “commercial” – with intelligence.

Paco Rabanne’s wardrobe is a statement – that’s Dossena’s lively printed coats and sparkling The meaning of the miniature chainmail bag.In this cold and flu-ravaged winter, Dossena’s inspiration is even more prominent, stringing pills together as buttons on mesh dresses or hanging from bags. “It’s like a remedy, ’ he joked. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the idea quickly went, um, went viral.



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