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Palmer Harding Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear

Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding relied on introspection to conceptualize their collections in recent seasons. For fall, however, they shifted focus outward, exploring the pursuit of completeness and the essence of ‘full circle’ fulfillment within the human experience, while also celebrating the beauty of incompleteness and savoring life’s fragmented experiences. “Sometimes, particularly in fashion, everyone’s working three steps ahead and two steps behind all at once, and it’s difficult to be present,” said Harding during a preview. “We wanted to expand on this idea of a desire to relish every moment, and to appreciate the circle of life without expectations.”

In this collection, each separate expressed an architectural quality, reminiscent of contemporary monolithic artworks. Following last spring’s exploration of abundant flounce, the designers continued their sculptural approach, focusing on the circle as a recurring motif throughout. A scarlet mini dress, crafted from satin, showcased dramatic ruched sleeves, transforming the silhouette into a striking red dot. Shirts, an enduring Palmer Harding hallmark, were reimagined with these sleeves, creating a sense of completeness akin to a full circle. Elsewhere, a structured bomber jacket, crafted from padded taffeta, adopted the same silhouette, reinterpreted as a standout outerwear piece.

To contrast with the full circle moments, abstract circular silhouettes were present in other pieces to represent the more complex cycles of life. For instance, button-up tops featured dramatic flounces cascading from the sleeves to the neckline, and A-line midi skirts boasted color-blocked panels across the waistline. Expanding into the eveningwear realm, the designers introduced ultra-elegant taffeta fabric adorned with tinsel-like tassels that shimmered in movement. This exquisite material was showcased in a floor-length couture-level gown, as well as in a pleated skirt and a voluminous-backed top.



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