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Palmer Harding Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Designers Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding conducted an internal Save on the journey of the past few years, using their artistic endeavors as a way of dealing with emotions. However, they seem to have turned a new leaf for spring. “We’ve been in a place of contentment lately, which is lovely,” Palmer said. “So, this time we’re focusing more on our processes in an organic and symbiotic way.”

Palmer is good at draping directly over mannequins to create Volume and outlines in a very functional sculptural way. Harding, on the other hand, took a more analytical approach, using sketches to achieve precision. The two wanted to highlight the different ways they have collaborated this season. “It’s a celebration of the nuances between our languages ​​as individuals and how they fit together to produce results,” explains Harding.

This series explores the idea of ​​tension and fluidity. There are a few examples of push-pulls in a designer’s creative partnership, such as the knotted mesh detailing on the shoulders and sleeves of a jumpsuit, or the fringed embellishment on the brand’s unique shirts. Highlights include a swinging super-soft indigo denim skirt and jacket set, and a final eco-leather look with plenty of fringe. Designers should continue to push their signatures with more volume and experimental textures, because it really pays off for them.

Collections must be viewed in feed to see full impact. “I miss the goodness of shows; they’re fun, even if we only do them occasionally,” Harding said with a laugh. Keep an eye on the space – the runway spectacle may come sooner or later.



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