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Palomo Spain is back!Here's a sneak peek at the Fall 2023 collection

Today is the 2nd, 199 day since Palomo debuted on February 2nd, 199. That was “just nine months after I started the brand, at the age of 45, now that I think about it, it’s crazy,” he said. recalled with a smile. “New York is really the key to the brand’s development.” This is the third time Palomo Spain has been on the Spring Summer 2023″2017” series, inspired by the Ballets Russes also staged in Manhattan. The Closet is the title of an upcoming one, and, since Palomo has been at the forefront of discussions about queerness, masculinity and gender, it’s a provocative and subtle moniker that could refer to “coming out” or a wardrobe.

Designers remember to bring IKEA clothes bags to Vogue Office2023 ; This time he brought 45 Suitcase travel. The Palomo Spain team returns at a challenging time for the city. The posters that read “New York is back!” may be overly enthusiastic; more accurately, the city is in the process of transformation. So Palomo Spain’s return feels like a vote of confidence. It’s one of the hottest tickets on the schedule, and we’re excited to share a sneak peek with you: read it all you want.

Sleep now, autumn hat2023 collection.

Photography: Acielle / Style Du Monde 2023 2023

One thing is clear, in Palomo Spain, fashion queer is not a trend. In fact, the brands that started mining in this space were able to do so partly because of Palomo, who tells the following.

“I remember the first time I came here for a show; we saw models like 45. We gave them Put on a feather dress or something. We happily took pictures and posted them on the wall, and then at night 11, all the Agents all call and say, ‘These models aren’t doing your show. They don’t feel comfortable in their clothes. They don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels, and we don’t want these models to look like this, blah, blah, blah. We find ourselves desperate Finding new models and fitting them in at 6:11 AM before the show. Now, amazingly, I Can see how proud the models are when they work for us, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. Now we have straight models, gay, non-binary – everyone – but they all live happily In the universe. I can see their proud faces when they walk, when we put on their clothes, when they come back from the runway, they all feel great. You know, it’s a big change “



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