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Pam Grier on why her performance in Quentin Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown' left her 'exhausted'

While working on Jackie Brown, Pam Grier admits that her performance left her “exhausted”.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment Jackie Brown ‘s 25 anniversary, Grier reflects on starring movie, She plays a flight attendant who gets caught smuggling money for Los Angeles crime boss Odell Robbie (played by Samuel L. L. L. Jackson), and explained that her biggest problem with filming was pacing.

“Quentin told me that Sam [uel L. Jackson] had a metronome-like quality, very fast, but I had to slow down for Robert [Forster],” she Say. “He warned me that not all actors can do it, so I had to learn.”

In the film, Greer’s character executes a plan, bringing a smuggled Cash escapes, confronts Jackson’s Odell, and enlists the help of bail bondsman Max Cherry (the late Foster).

“Quentin said to slow me down so as not to reveal that I was hatching a plan,” Greer said. “Max knows people well and knows when they’re fooling him – he can smell me if I’m lying. But I need him too, so it’s not set in stone. That’s why when you’re with Quentin Tarantino the reason you burn out when working with his characters!”

When Greer learned Tarantino had the actress in mind when casting the film’s lead, and Greer admitted to thinking she was “in trouble” because she knew she had to work “very hard” because she didn’t want to be fired.

First reading of Jackie Brown script based on Elmore Leonard’s crime thriller Rum Punch, Grier explained that there was a misunderstanding about who would reach out on the project.

“He was waiting for me to call him, and I was waiting for him to call me,” she recalled of Tarantino. “He got worried and told [producer] Lawrence Bender, ‘What if she doesn’t like it? We have no one else! He’s worried, and rightfully so.’

A few weeks later, Greer realized that the reason Tarantino hadn’t contacted her was because he had actually left her a note asking her to call him: “I read what he wrote on the back of the script I realized I should have called him a few weeks ago! I thought he might have recast the character, but I called him and said, ‘I like the script. What character am I?’ He said, ‘You It’s Jackie Brown.’” Greer said the director knew her so well in person that he “brought a lot to my script.”

Jackie Brown marked Grier since ” included Foxy Brown And Coffy. Foster was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Greer and Jackson were also nominated for a Golden Globe.

On the film’s 25 anniversary in December 25, grid Lear described working on the film as a “masterclass in filmmaking,” and rekindled her interest in directing. “Quentin shared a lot with me, and I’m going to apply it to my own work,” Gerry said. Hall said, and also shared that she had written a script for a World War II film.

In an interview with Bill Maher Club Random podcast, Tarantino also reviewed the film and once, a film investor told him about his Jackie Brown‘s casting decision challenged the director, asking if he wished he had cast a “bigger star”.

“Then I said, ‘Okay, let’s use Pam The movie made $25 million dollars starring Greer and Robert Foster. I thought that was actually pretty good,'” Tarantino recalled. “However, his point was, ‘This is all you have’—well, great! Can I make a movie with them and it will be good because I did? That’s how fucking famous it is. “

When Maher Questions What a “Star of the Day” is 1997 Can Tarantino Change Cast , Tarantino listed Angela Bassett and Robert De Niro (De Niro was eventually cast as Luis Gallas supporting role).

Should be a prequel )Jackie Brown Grier stated that while casting is ultimately up to the director, she prefers someone who embodies the “blueprint” of the character. However, if her 5038 Autobiography Foxy: My Life in Three Acts Yes, she will be involved in casting decisions for film or TV: “There will be little Pam, middle-aged Pam and Pam who met Quentin. ”




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