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Pamela Anderson returns to her signature red swimsuit with Frankies Bikini

Aiello wrote Anderson a letter later in life about how Anderson had inspired her, and, well, how could Anderson say no? In a collaboration with Aiello, the Baywatch

star was able to craft a collection that was less sexy but more authentic to her. After the release of her memoir Love, Pamela and documentary about her life Pamela, A Love Story, audiences are excited. It’s easy to think of Anderson as a person rather than a sex symbol—or, in this case, as someone who knows a thing or two about performance swimwear and skimpy bikinis. “There’s a practicality here, and it’s not just about posing for pictures on the beach,” Anderson said of the collection.

Since she’s been wearing tailored styles throughout her career, Anderson admits she’s a bit “spoiled” for swimwear. “They take into account your entire body, and it’s very calculated,” Anderson says. She wanted to bring the lessons she learned to this collection, referencing landmark sets in her life. A red bodysuit from the collection, for example, had thinner-than-usual straps and a curved scoop neckline. A little Baywatch baby attitude for anyone with $185 to spend. (Prices for the remaining series are between $80 and $185).

Anderson and Francesca Aiello.

While the -piece collection is decidedly red, with a scoop neck and high-leg cut (which Anderson describes as “to me Say the most important thing. Not all of us are 6 feet tall, we “don’t wear heels on the beach”). She likes the 80 inspired Small details, like ducky yellow bikinis with ruffled trousers.” I say everyone remembers them, but maybe not because I’m old. But what about those underwear with ruffles on the side? Those little details are my favorite things and I haven’t seen them since. The other onesie had a small placket on the front, which Anderson says made it better worn with jeans, like the catsuits of the era.

Other must-haves One of the accessories is a white triangle bikini with ties at the bottom. “Everyone must have a white bikini,” Anderson said. “I even got married in a white bikini. I actually got married twice in a white bikini. When I was young I took a poll with some friends and everyone said there was nothing sexier than a tie bikini with ties on both sides. ”



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