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Pamela Anderson says Tim Allen 'had to deny' he allegedly exposed himself in 'Home Improvement': 'Look at the times we're in'

Pamela Anderson responded to Tim Allen denying that he exposed himself to her while working on the duo Home Improvement – The author and actress makes the allegations in her new memoir, Love, Pamela.

These allegations came to light in excerpts from Memoir One published online last month. Monthly 23 release. This is the first time she has spoken publicly about harassment. In response, Allen told CNN in a statement, “No, this never happened,” adding, “I would never do Something like this.”

In an interview with and ET Canada, a reporter After contextualizing Anderson’s experience with the #MeToo movement, the actress speculated on why Allen denied the allegation.

“He has to deny it, because look at the times we’re in,” Anderson said. “If he said, ‘Oh, yes, I did…’ he would — a lot of these stories are just the tip of the iceberg.”

She Also recounts the experience, noting that she talks about it in her memoir “Because it was my first job, Home Improvement , I think it’s important to speak up”

According to Anderson, Allen allegedly exposed himself on the first day of filming the hit ABC series. “He came out of the dressing room and he was wearing this robe,” she told the media before imitating someone opening the robe. “He closed it and said, ‘Now we’re even — I’ve seen you naked and you’ve seen me naked. Now we can start the show.'”

The actress and model said her former co-star then “ran back to his room and he was embarrassed all day, acting like a little dizzy schoolboy. To anyone questioning Anderson, she replied:” How can you make it up? ”

Anderson has also opened up about her decision to include the experience in her memoir, which is linked to her Netflix documentary Pamela (Pamela) posted on the same day, a love story .

“I only talked about the really pivotal moments, trying to get people Knowing that some of these things have happened, you know, in my childhood, my career,” she said. “I kind of wanted to be a part of some of that. I mean, not all of them. Obviously, I don’t tell every story of my life, or I would write a volume. “



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