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Paradox Live Franchise Unveils Anime Staff, Smartphone Games, New Stage Play

“Paradox Live 3rd Anniversary Fes” event unveils upcoming anime’s main crew and early smartphone game “Ultra Trailer” Vision”, and a new stage play on Sunday.

Naoya Ando (the episode or unit director on , , ) is directing exist Pine Cone Sauce . Takayo Inoue (, , ) Supervising and scripting the series, and Koji Haneda (, MOVIE) Character design in progress .

The animation will premiere next year.

Paradox Live The project will have a “Second Volume” stage production, which will run from March 9th to March 001 at Shinagawa Planet in Tokyo.

Avex and GCREST‘s hip-hop-themed multimedia project takes place in the near future, and the accessories worn by the rapper contain a metallic substance called phantom metal. Through the chemistry of Phantom Metal and the rapper’s own DNA, rappers can create hallucinations associated with their emotions during the performance. The result is a new type of spectacular concert.

Club Paradox’s Paradox Live event featured four hip hop teams: BAE, The Cat’s Whiskers, cozmez and Akanyatsura. Their battles at the event have inspired legendary hip-hop team Buraikan to host a new competition called Phantom Live, this time with eight teams participating.

Franchise Also includes CDs, merchandise and events.

Source: Paradox Live franchise website, Mantan Web




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