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Parallel World Pharmacy ‒ Episodes 8-9

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Parallel World Pharmacy’s Episode 8 ?

Community Rating: 4.3

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Parallel World Pharmacy’s Episode 9 ?


Community Rating: 4.3

My family had to deal with some pretty tough medical situations this year, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned a little bit, even in the most distressing In a worrying situation, a little empathy can make all the difference. Physicians can have all the knowledge and equipment they need to solve your problem, but I don’t know how much real cure is possible without these essential elements of compassion and grace (both in terms of practitioners and systems) place. Given his life, Fama knows this better than most. “The Dawn of the Flu and the Pharmacy” is about when Fama is able to take the lessons he’s learned and pass the message on to all others medical professional in his new world. Pierre is local A commoner and apothecary, he didn’t want to violate the guild’s strict order to avoid any and all contact with the PWP, but his concern for his daughter Mary superseded his loyalty to business, thank goodness. Just visit Fama’s Revolutionary Clinic once to see exactly why the profits of other potion vendors in town are plummeting. Our hero’s empathetic nature and superb bedside attitude may be second nature to us, especially since he’s essentially just showcasing the best practices of all modern doctors should be as a minimum compliance, but for a company that is still on the cusp of an industry-like Revolutionary for the inhabitants of the world, Parallel World Pharmacy offers a legitimate seismic shift from the status quo. Pierre’s Come to Jesus” (or, rather, “Come to Farma”) moments produce compelling drama, especially since this episode goes so far as to make you care about him and his family. However, what really elevates this episode is how carefully Storytelling makes it easy to understand why everything is all so, and in part because much of it is rooted in echoes of real history. Of course, the presidents of the commoners’ guilds have a point about trusting the sons of the nobles, who have always been very Be aware of how much effort you are willing to put in to help who they think they are. “Unworthy” of basic respect and dignity. While Pierre’s store being fired is a terrible turn of events, you can at least understand all the other pharmacists who see their economy Fear and anger when basic and medical knowledge crumbles before their eyes. Fama may have benefited from centuries of technological advancement, not to mention his essentially decent soul, but that won’t change the problems of society and humanity overnight . You know nothing Help Fama’s mission to fast-forward the world’s social development a century or two? Plague outbreaks. Some Villain’s Tale may be a bit lacking in engaging human drama (especially since we barely learned anything about this episode titled “The Wicked” Camus’ Knowledge), but I’m willing to sit down as it prepares us for a Yersinia pestis , aka The Plague, aka The Black Death itself. I just finished reading The Great Death , John Kelly’s Excellent Historical Chronicle The plague of the century broke out in Europe, so I must admit, when I realized the same thing Fama was realizing, I laughed morbidly with glee and wrote, “It’s bubo! ! ! ” in my episode notes. Based on the Camus villain featured earlier, not mentioning the guy’s apparently necrotic look in the OP of the show, I think Fama will be dealing with some supernatural twists in the coming weeks, but one of my favorite aspects of the show is How it weaves real-world history and science into Farma’s adventures, so I’m very much looking forward to how the PWP crew handles a race against one of humanity’s biggest predators. The good news is that Farma is actually in the upper hand because

Yersinia pestis is actually in century. Nevertheless, has been able to weave compelling stories without the routine checks and meetings about developing the nascent cosmetics industry, so where the anime goes from here, I have no doubt it will deliver.


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