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Parallel World Pharmacy – Episode 10

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I don’t think anyone needs to remind you these days how complicated managing a pandemic becomes when you introduce the most nasty and unpredictable variables :human nature. Fama is of course very clear about managing Yersinia pestis outbreaks of Difficulty No matter how much insight and amazing modern medicine he can bring to the front. It’s bad enough that sailors and merchants don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of quarantine and security checks (especially when you know how great deaths start with merchant ships landing in Crimea and Sicily 10). It gets worse when Farma has to deal with the terrified and angry villagers of L’Estacque, who absolutely don’t want to hear quarantine and germ theories from the kid who may or may not be the evil spirit who curses them all sick.

The real problem is Fama’s “things got more bad” enough drama to escalate this dire situation. Don’t get me wrong – I’m also dealing with the trauma of living with COVID over the past few years – 10 Pandemic, so I can see why people don’t fully yearn for the “Black Death” to fully turn into misery and plague horror – but this is one of those episodes where Fama’s innate kindness and professional nature doesn’t feel like it should be enough, admirable anyway. Of course we ended the episode with the sadness of seeing a doomed offshore vessel sink into the sea, the line about “failure to take the black death seriously” made me have to check and be absolutely sure that these light novels were set in Written before spring / SUMMER*) ; to be fair, there are there are many consequences .

Just the rest of the episode felt so simple and dramatic To put it mildly, the payoff for those sinking ships wasn’t as severe as it should have been. When you break down the plot of the plot, you can sum up everything that happened in a few beats: Fama checks some ships for the plague, then immediately dives into Estark when he hears of the mass death; After Panac-rhabdos could disguise him through solid matter, Farma had to convince the villagers to listen to him (and his daunting ice magic), which only required one scene; Farma then successfully started the isolation process at L’Estacque ; Finally, the ship sank.

I think it’s an occasion PWP eager to get us all educated and show us the means and methods to build The Village Quarantine finally deprives Fama of a golden opportunity to seriously struggle once. We kind he almost knew it Having had to force the people of L’Estacque to stay in isolation, I see why the villagers might not be inclined to argue with a kid with godlike magic, but I’d like to see our people more deliberate and morally grey conflict heroes. The tragic fate of the sailors is a good gesture to show how stubborn and stupid people are in this situation, but in a world where thousands of ostensibly grown-up people are somehow cornerstones of not wearing masks, It lacks the punch of their utterly stupid personal identities.

None of this made The Black Death a A terrible episode; it ends up feeling like an interstitial chapter in an arc that hasn’t yet entered high gear. Nevertheless, Yersinia pestis

is Fama’s perfect enemy to face his show season 1 is coming to an end so I’m still excited to see everything is ready for us.


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