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Parallel World Pharmacy – Episode 12

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As the title, “those he can’t heal” seems a bit false in the

ending Advertisement to go, as this seems to imply Fama’s efforts to protect his loved ones and his new world from In fact, the Black Death would fail to some extent. However, that’s far from the truth, as Fama’s eventual victory was more than just few casualties (other than what we’ve already seen), which felt like a pretty easy victory given the circumstances. Of course, the title more explicitly refers to the evil (and ridiculously named) Camus de Sade, who has the dubious honor of being the first man Fama must have kill As the protector of this world, but Dessad’s reform was not on the table from the beginning, Because he was subjected to a truly evil end case.

I don’t want you to think I’m terribly disappointed in the season finale , because honestly it’s very useful. Fama fights the bad guys with the help of his father, saves Lottie and Cedric from poisoning, and prevents the mass death that Camus’s flying squirrels could have caused (which is never not fun for me ). All is well, good ending, and of course I am happy for our beloved PWP The crew was not horribly murdered by a crazy necromancer. I just wish the final adventure of the season had more weight. A little more bite .

The core problem can be attributed to two core areas, among which ” Those he can’t heal” struggles to live up to the expectations it tries to build for itself. The first is purely a production issue. While there are some animated clips throughout the episode, especially during Fama and his father’s fight with Camus, the entire production is equally affected Limited animation and medium orientation that is always maintained back. Too many endings feel like slideshows, especially in the last third, and the art can’t make up for the lack of animation. For example, Camus de Sade should is an evil horror ripped straight from the frame of a bloody horror movie, but what he

is actually similar to a guy who took two very cheap Halloween masks and awkwardly pinned them together. He is better than your average Power Rangers villain (and this is from a big tokusatsu fan).

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if Dessad will There’s going to be a sense that this is a real worthy enemy for Fama, because the other major downside of this episode is that it never makes you feel like Fama is in danger of losing. I was amazed for a minute or two when the show actually had Lotte stabbed after Cedric, but it only took Fama a minute or two to figure out the poisons and enchanted them. Since he only had one episode (and a preview scene for another) to introduce, Camus was never considered a legitimate threat because his whole shenanigans boiled down to him being an angry psychopath. The only obstacles to Fama’s victory are space and time. Once Fama figured out what was going on and simply went back, Camus was done. This half-rotten lunatic will never outsmart Fama, nor outsmart his magical powers, and Fama needs only one blast of magical energy to defeat Camus forever. That same explosion also managed to heal the entire capital of any nasty plague, which really made the hustle and bustle of the last few episodes feel a little hollow.

However, it all does confirm that action and spectacle are not ‘s strengths, we all know it. The show isn’t in danger of being spoiled by a bland ending. While it’s focused on character work and world building, it’s still as captivating and engaging as ever. I hope we can have a second season someday, although I also hope it shrinks the villainy of Saturday morning cartoons and spends more time educating us on things like the economics of pharmaceuticals and the virtues of well-regulated laws and fair business in practice during the booming industrial revolution. This might seem strange, but that’s is truly at its most exciting.


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