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Parallel World Pharmacy – Episode 7

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Fama needs to slow him down, man. Yes, we know this kid’s modesty is serious, he really doesn’t want to be treated like some kind of god, but a simple pharmacist who wants to bring life and happiness to the world. However, he doesn’t seem to be able to avoid being the Temple Inquisitor and other groups to doubt the divine power of his seismic transformation, which I think is just a natural consequence of possessing such a degree of demonic power that no mortal can even begin to comprehend it. Still, even if his innately good nature means that Fama will end up courting the world’s most powerful religious institutions rather than being labelled their enemy, someone must have noticed that the rich ten-year-old is just a In gobbling. – Shaking political power and prestige levels. Indeed, those immortal bards Miguel and Tulio were right to bless us with the most relevant Gospel scriptures: “It’s hard to be God.”

However, it is not difficult for us, especially It’s when we arrive to witness the show’s first real action sequence when Fama has to confront Solomon and his gang of Inquisitors. Naturally, Fama doesn’t hurt anyone in the end – he is

Fama crying out loud – but you can tell he’s damn good ok If he feels he has no choice, yell at those curious donkeys. There’s nothing cooler than an all-powerful being. The Inquisitors all agreed, at least when Solomon recognized Fama as Panaxius, Fama earned it immediately 80 When he gave up allowing Solomon to commit suicide as a reward for the temple heresy, Rather, move him away from him in “fighting”.

I appreciate the show, acknowledging Fama’s pharmaceutical background Doesn’t exactly make him a candidate for a complicated and totally inappropriate operation on a man, which is almost enough to make me ignore the fact that the episode just went on and had Fama successfully do it anyway. I get the point of this scene when establishing Fama’s relationship with the church and all, plus Fama gets a horrific allegiance, almost certainly a clown (and “clown” – I mean murder) Temple bishop out of the ordeal! Lotte and Ellen also got a big box of trendy chocolates, which was a win-win for the Pharmacy staff.

or, more precisely,

Four in a row because reformed Solomon also gave our boy a mortally ill The wand, which can literally only be touched by the divine hand, and a very handy stone that dampens Fama’s divine powers so that people don’t ask any nasty questions about missing shadows and the like. All in all, this was our hero’s most successful mission and I’m happy to report it to you all continues to be one of the best shows of the season for consistently delivering such a fun adventure. Now, what if there was a whole new guild that could allow commoners to join Fama’s revolutionary business ventures and completely reshape the social, political, and economic landscape of the entire empire… wait, what would it be? Fama will probably fix this next week as if it’s no big deal? Of course he is. At this point, what else can we expect?


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