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Paramount Reshuffle: Showtime Research Guru Kim Lemon Out, Laurel Weir Advances

Musical Chairs game continues at Paramount.

On Tuesday, the company’s fast-emerging TV boss Chris McCarthy and its Chief Research Officer Colleen Fahey Rush announced via an internal memo that Kim Lemon, Executive Vice President of Data Strategy, Research, Scheduling and Programming at Showtime, is stepping down. Perhaps unsurprisingly to insiders, Lemon is being taken over by a longtime ViacomParamount executive Laurel Will (Laurel Weir) replaced.

Commenting on Lemon’s 20-year tenure at Showtime, beginning with Senior Cable Network Marketing Research Manager, McCarthy and Rush write: “During his tenure, Kim played an integral role in the evolution of Showtime from a linear network to a true streaming service, building a top-notch data science team. He was a pioneer in brand strategy and always prioritized us content and be mindful of how it impacts our growth, while showing great respect for the creative process and audience feedback.”

As part of the restructuring, at MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Weir, who served as Executive Vice President and Head of Programming and Strategic Insights and Research at Networks, will now bring Showtime under her remit. The multi-year corporate vet will continue to report to McCarthy (as it deals with programming and strategy) and Rush (research). The news comes more than half a year after McCarthy took over at Showtime, adding the remainder of his executive team to his portfolio.

Here is the full memo to employees:

We would like to share a little about us with you Colleague and friend Kim Lemon. After an incredible year career at SHOWTIME, Kim has decided to start his next chapter.

During his tenure, Kim went from linear network to real streaming at SHOWTIME Played an integral role in the evolution of media services, establishing a top-notch data science group. He is a pioneer in brand strategy, always prioritizing our content and paying attention to how it impacts our growth, while showing great respect for the creative process and audience feedback.

Kim started as Marketing Research Manager and worked his way up to Data Strategy, Research, Planning and Executive Vice President of Programming, he has been an integral part of SHOWTIME’s fabric, always working to elevate the brand and make a cultural impact through our storytelling.

While it’s sad to see him leave us, don’t worry, he’ll be there Help with transition and counseling over time.

Following the departure of With Kim’s, we are pleased to announce that MTV Entertainment Studios and Laurel Weir, Executive Vice President/Head of Programs and Strategic Insights and Research for Paramount Media Networks, will step in and expand her remit to now include SHOWTIME, and she will continue to dual report to Colleen and me – Colleen does all research and I’m in charge of the programming/strategy aspects.

Introducing Laurel for those who may not know her yet – she is at Having worked at Viacom/Paramount for + years, her innovative research, strategic initiatives, dynamic programming, and deep understanding of audience engagement have been instrumental in driving our success factor. In addition to spearheading our linear streaming ecosystem, maximizing our legacy business and growing market share, she is also working with our partners Paramount+ and Pluto TV to accelerate streaming through our hit franchises, across the Record-breaking results in product portfolio.

Laurel also partnered with Du Research partnerships with partners such as CK University and the USC Annenberg School provide breakthrough insights that allow us to build coalitions and build mission-driven campaigns on mental health and youth voter access. She is a team-first leader who is passionate about our content.

Die-hard New York Giants fan who also finds time to coach her twin boys basketball Team, Laurel’s passion for building culture and creating entertainment that brings people together is one of her many superpowers.

Please join us in thanking Kim for her incredible contribution to SHOWTIME and Congratulations to Laurel on her new role.

the best,

Chris and Colleen



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