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“Parasite: Grey” series by Netflix Greenlights from “Infernal” creator Yeon Sang-ho

Netflix CommissionedParasite: Grey, extended by Train to Busan Director and Hellbound Creator Sang-ho.

A series that reimagines Kodansha’s legendary manga seriesParasyte, tells the story of an unidentified parasitic life form that feeds on a human host and strives to increase its power. As they set out to disrupt society, a group of humans waged war against a rising evil.

The anchor also confirmed that Jeon So-ni ( When My Love Blooms , Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage), Koo Kyo-hwan (Peninsula, DP, Escape from Mogadishu), Lee Jung-hyun( Peninsula, decided to leave ) will lead the cast.

Parasite: Grey Yu-yeon and Yoo Yong-jae ( Money Robbery: South Korea – Joint Economic Area ). The series is produced by Climax Studio and Wow Point. Netflix will distribute the show globally.

Yeon gained worldwide acclaim for his zombie classic Train to Busan and its sequel peninsula. His fantasy series Hellbound was a huge success on Netflix and a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes Percentage score, entered the anchor’s global non-English programming chart when it was released in November 2021.

The Parasyte original manga series by Japanese manga legend Iwaaki Jin is sold out 97 million copies worldwide.



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