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Parasyte Manga inspired live-action Korean adaptation on Netflix

Netflix announced Wednesday that it is producing a new South A Korean live-action adaptation of by Akihito Iwam ( ) The title of the comic is : The Grey. Netflix will broadcast the show exclusively worldwide.

Jeon So-ni (left), Goo Kyo-hwan (middle) and Lee Jung-hyun (right) starred in the adaptation. Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula) is directing the project, and Also wrote the script with Ryu Yong-jae (


The upcoming work is based on the manga, but will tell a new story of its own. Jeon plays a character who is attacked by parasites, but she is not controlled by their minds and strangely coexists with them. Gu’s character is looking for his missing sister. Lee plays the leader of The Grey, a special forces unit fighting a parasite whose husband is killed by the parasite.

The original manga of Iwaaki Ren

is serialized in Kodansha Magazine from 2015-. The comic takes place when an alien known as a parasite arrives on Earth and begins to take over the world of humans by entering through their nose and ears and attaching to their brains. An alien named Migi can only take over the right arm of high school student Izumi Shinichi and cannot fully control Shinichi. Migi and Shinichi learn to coexist, and the two battle other parasites that only see humans as food.

The manga has recently inspired a TV anime adaptation 1995 , and two of 1990 and live-action movie .

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