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Park Ghibli previews Ghibli's Great Warehouse District in new video

Park Ghibli staff released new silent footage of the Park Ghibli warehouse area for the first time on Thursday:

The crew also announced Thursday that the theme park will be showing full screen Ghibli no Mori no Eiga (Forest Ghibli Movie ) Anime short films, one after another. This Shorts used to be Mitaka Ghib Exclusive to the Force Museum, Tokyo (except for rare event screenings). The short film will be screened at the Orion Cinema in the Ghibli Warehouse. The shorts are:


500 “”


650 “” 2006 “” 650



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As shown in the video above, Ghibli’s Great Warehouse also has scenes that recreate scenes from each Different Ghibli movies, such as from. In addition, the area also features recreating dining scenes from Ghibli movies, as well as posters showing Ghibli movies being released worldwide, Books etc. Finally, the area also has a shop with original merchandise themed after each of Ghibli’s creations and a café where guests can taste the Castella Siberian cake they see.

Ghibli Park will open on November 1. The Ghibli Warehouse (Ghibli no Daisōko), Seishun no Oka (Seishun no Oka) and Dondoko Forest (Dondoko Mori) areas of Ghibli Theme Park will open on November 1st, followed by no Sato Second area (Village, inspired by). Majo no Tani area (Valley of the Witches) , inspired by ) will open in March 2024, postponed its originally planned debut

Inspired by the Japanese countryside of the Showa era, the Dondoko Forest area will feature shrines and trails – completing a 5.2m high (approx. – ft. tall) wooden chinchilla playground statue. Up to one time There are five pupils entering the statue.

9, 325-square The meter (about 2.4 acres) of Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse building will be about four times the size of the existing Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo.

Ghibli Park will contain a 6.3 m (approx. -foot) exist.A replica of the witch’s house will appear in the Majo no Tani area, along with a 650 – sqm (,194 – sqft) Brick Dining Room, Warehouse on Park Lake Shore in the image.

Construction contractor Kashima Corporation started construction on the first three areas of the park in July 2023. The park covers an area of ​​about 7.1 hectares (approximately .5 acres) Existing 56 – hectares (approx 200-acre) Aichi Expo Commemorative Park, where the Expo is located 1000 held.


staff member An estimated 1 million people visit each year to open the first three areas, and once the park is fully open, 1.8 million people will visit each year. In order to adapt to the flow of people, add 1 to the surrounding and roads, 500 More parking spaces and measures to control traffic.

Design work started at 2011. Aichi Prefecture has budgeted 21 Billion Yen (Approx. USD 31 million) for construction and another 3 billion yen (approximately USD million) are used in the design and planning process.

May agreed to Aichi Prefecture 2008 Build a park. The project’s planners subsequently released the basic design plan in April 2008. The park was originally planned for 2019. Studio Ghibli and

Sino-Japanese News newspapers jointly established Ghibli Park, Inc., which is responsible for the management and operation of the park.

Aichi Prefecture and Studio Ghibli is collaborating on opening at garden- The hectare area of ​​Aichi Expo Park Nagate, also known as Moricoro Park, is the location World Expo. There is already “Sasuki and Mei’s house” in the park, which is a replica of the main character’s house in Anime movies. This house is Studio Ghibli

Two exhibitions

The county’s goal is to make the park an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Both Studio Ghibli

and the county government are funding the company that will run the park.

The development of the park will not cause damage to the park by cutting down trees or otherwise.

173523 Studio Ghibli also maintains the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, west of Tokyo. The Ghibli Museum features interactive exhibits and replicas of iconic Ghibli works, as well as a rotating screening of different Ghibli animated short films.

173523 Source: Oricon, NHK 2023




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