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Parker Posey never had a scene she couldn't steal

Raising our champagne flutes, Posey sifts through a rack of vintage Todd Oldham. Posey, who met Held on a shoot, claims that Party Girl changed his life. Today Held created a collection of looks for Posey that looked like they were pulled out of that movie’s wardrobe.

“This all takes me back to the 90 years,” Posey said, holding up a Roberto Cavalli jacket and starting A spontaneous rendition of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion. Held shows us a pair of sequined rhinestone shorts he got direct from Oldham, who claims they may be the same pair Posey wore in Party Girl

. Held suggested that a re-release of the premiere at the IFC Center might have been an interesting choice, but Posey opted for something more casual: a Cavalli jacket paired with a Moschino shirt and a Vivienne Westwood skirt—all vintage. She prefers to wink at the past than relive it. “We made Party Girl for people who see New York as a place where they can reinvent themselves,” she said. “It means a lot to me, and it seems to be with some people.”

Posey was created by a chef mother and a man who owns a car dealership in Monroe, Louisiana Raised by his father, he showed a talent for acting early on. She recalls a memorable summer at Strong River Camp and Farm when the instructor assigned 8-year-old Posey to perform for the class. “I wrote and directed a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

in which Little Red Riding Hood was a detective,” recalls Posey, citing TV detective Kojak The words serve as her inspiration. In Posey’s version, Goldilocks steps onto the stage, sucks on a Tootsie Pop, and delivers Kojak’s famous one-liner: “Who loves you, baby?” At least, the grown-ups love the reference.

“My parents laughed so hard they cried, which made me sad,” she laughs now. “I just remember thinking, this isn’t funny, I’m supposed to be a detective. I’m Kojak, damn it.

Posey wears her own vintage Liza Minelli concert tee and TJ Maxx blazer.

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