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Pato Resort 2024

“The greatest luxury is freedom, both in your state of mind and in your state of self.” Designer Nellie Partow in her studio as we begin Said so in an interview. It’s an apt introduction to a resort collection oriented toward effortless comfort.

Take a cream yellow suit in cotton twill: a single-button double-breasted jacket with nothing underneath but a silver tubular belt/belly chain hybrid slightly positioned Oversized flats. Or check out a slouchy bias-cut cornflower-blue silk dress with black brogues on cap sleeves and a simple necklace consisting of two asymmetrical silver necklaces hanging asymmetrically from a on the black rope. (Partow quietly launched jewelry a few years ago, but it seems unlikely that her creations would remain a secret after this collection.) A short-sleeved zip-up tank top and a matching pink leather-paneled A-line skirt were actually undyed , to better appreciate the inner beauty of the material.

Where other neo-minimalist designers tend to take a serious look, Partow embraces playfulness. The knit on a cream pleated pleated crepe dress suddenly changes gauge and becomes more sheer, giving it the appearance of having recently been soaked in water; Stitching becomes evident with movement. The collection’s highlight is a coated cotton trench coat that looks like patent leather or rain-slick depending on how the light hits it (it’s is waterproof). “It almost looks like a liquid, especially the way it’s photographed,” adds Partow, “It’s interesting that a lot of the things in this collection have a wet feel to them. They have that glowing feel to them.” Wear The same goes for the woman in her dress.



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