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Patti Wilson, low-key legend in fashion, chats ahead of CFDA award

The fashion industry likes to associate the superlative “legend” with some of the people who work in it, but few live up to the hype. Stylist Patti Wilson will take the Media Award for Eugenia Sheppard at Monday night’s CFDA Fashion Awards, and he definitely can. It was a rare moment of the spotlight for Wilson, who had achieved iconic status but preferred to keep a low profile: She was the true definition of a low profile legend, always choosing to focus on creating groundbreaking work rather than her own public and personal image material.

Still the name Patti Wilson has worked with over the years, giving her looks that are incredibly twisted and eye-catching, but always creative and original And the image making method, it’s amazing. They ranged from Stevens Klein, Meisel and David LaChapelle to rookies such as Ethan James Green, Campbell Addy and Cruz Valdez, as well as a host of designers she championed.

Wilson has chosen to take a break from her busy schedule—and what seems to be most legendary is their ability to work harder than us mere mortals—in the heart of New York City Meet Odeon, where we discussed her life and career in the days leading up to the CFDA Awards. Her achievements are well known to me, but her personal story is far from it. I met Wilson more than a decade ago through a mutual friend, Yana Kamps, a stylist who is now a hugely successful stylist at her recently launched vintage boutique and curation site, Paume Los Angeles. As for Wilson’s success, her award is well-deserved, if long overdue. All I can add, kids, is to listen closer: you’re about to hear the real deal.

Patty, thank you for doing this. I’m going to jump right in. Who and what inspired you in your career?

Honestly, I know a lot of people have this answer, but it’s what gives each creative their unique perspective. I have to say that in my career and styling aesthetics, my upbringing has inspired me the most. I grew up thinking that the Catholic Church was an important part of my life. The dramatic and ceremonial nature of the costumes has always been something to me. Ethereal imagery, accessories and overall design play a big role here. Jewelry, habits, crosses, tapestries, all so exquisite. Ultimately, this is where it all started for me. Otherwise, Cher has been the most important muse in my life. She is the epitome of minimalism and cool. I was and still am inspired by Diana Ross’ major fashion moments from ’60 and ’70.



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