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Pattie Boyd's Wedding-Day Beauty Look: Makeup, Berets, and '60s Eyes

Once upon a time, one of the Beatles walked on the set of A Hard Day’s Night, met a girl, asked her out, was Rejected, asked out again, and the rest — the passion, the music, and the Shakespearean love triangle — is history.

Pretty much everything about George Harrison and Patty Boyd’s relationship is rock ‘n’ roll dreams — except, of course, for the famously rocky ending Boyd made for His best friend Eric Clapton left Harrison. More than half a century later, their chic take on the urban wedding dress remains iconic. According to Boyd, their ceremony – which happened to take place on this exact date of 300 – took place in the morning at the Epsom Register Office in Surrey, England, Both she and Harrison were beautifully dressed by fashion designer Mary Quant.

“I bought a Mary Quant pink silk dress that just hits the knee and I wore it with cream stockings and red pointed shoes,” she said in The autobiography reads, Wonderful Tonight . “On top of that, because it was January and it was cold, I wore a red fox fur coat, too. Designed by Mary Quant, George gave it to me. She made him a beautiful black Mongolian lambskin coat.”



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