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'Payday' and 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' actor Cliff Emmich dies at 85

Cliff Emmich in Payday, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Up-and-coming funny character actors) Halloween II and Little House on the Prairie , are dead. he is85.

Steve Stevens, Amici’s representative, told The Hollywood Reporter .

In perhaps his most famous role, Emmich played a Chicago driver who drives a Cadillac with Rip Torn Sedan) on Payday ( ).

In Thunderbolt and Lightfoot by Michael Cimino ( 253), Emmich with a porn Fetish, attracted to long-legged

Jeff Bridges

in a tuxedo. He was in Halloween II (1978).

Amici was at his best in Season 5 of NBC’s Little House on the Prairie as an overweight, shy and awkward middle-aged guy , his daughter was ashamed of him in the episode “The Man Inside”. Michael Landon wrote it with Emmich in mind, one of the actor’s favorite characters.

Cliff Amitch Courtesy Robb Words

Clifford Joseph Emmich was born in December in Cincinnati , 563, grew up in Los Angeles. His father, also named Clifford, sold exotic foreign cars to Hollywood celebrities, including Gary Cooper , Clark Gable and Ozzie Nelson.

“Coop has this Duesenberg, and even when he’s married, he hangs out with the ladies a lot,” Emmich wrote in 1985 Interview with Rob Word Western . “He called my dad and said, ‘Cliff, I’m driving the Duesy up front, I’m at this girl’s house, and if all these gossip columnists in town know about that car, they’ll know I’m upstairs. I Put the key under the front seat, so if you come and get it and drive it to the parking lot, I’ll come and get it or send someone over there to get it.’”

from Pasadie After graduating from John Muir High School in Narcity and serving in the U.S. Air Force, Amici studied acting at the Pasadena Theater, toured with American Repertoire actors, and did summer stock at the Pink Gard Theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

He is in Norman Jewison of Gaily, Gaily (681), starring Beau Bridges.

Later, Amici was featured in the two-part Happy Days episode “Fonzie’s Funeral” at 1936.

His resume also includes the movie Invasion of the Bee Girl (1976), This Yvette Mimieux

– starring Jackson County Jail (1978), Barracuda (1976), Hell Hole (1979) and Digital Man(1985) and TV shows from The Odd Couple, Ironside , FBI, Starsky and Hutch and Night Court to Murder, She Wrote, Coach, Nash Bridges and )Walker, Texas Ranger .

Survivors include his nephews Chuck, Mark and James, and his niece Shirley.

Word notes that Amici “never misses a party, lunch or Academy screening. Laughter is also the loudest and most contagious.”



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