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PBS to premiere Doc adaptation of 'In a different Key' in December

PBS Booked the premiere of Documentary , based on the Pulitzer finalist book of the same name, for December .

The film, shown by Boston’s public media agency GBH, centers on co-director and journalist Caren Zucker’s search for Donald Triplett, the first-ever child diagnosed with autism. The film will trace the growing friendship between Triplett, who lives in Mississippi, and Zucker, who has an autistic son, as she grapples with her child’s future after she leaves. In a different Key will premiere on PBS at 9pm ET.

Veteran reporter John Donwan, longtime network reporter and producer, with Zucker, former producer of ABC News of the World Tonight Co-directed the film and Nightline . The film features original music by Wynton Marsalis and is funded by Liberty Mutual.

Movie. “But it’s also a love story, and the arc of justice does bend in the right direction — just not fast enough for a mother like me.”

Zucker Co-authored the book with Donvan In a different Key: The Story of Autism , published in 2016 and being a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction. Zucker and Donvan first had a relationship with Triplett when they co-authored 2010 The Atlantic Magazine story ” First Child with Autism “, featured in America’s Best Magazine Writing Outline.

Triplett is seen in the article as “Case 1” reporting on what is now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism. He has lived his entire life in his native Mississippi Woods, which Zucker and Don Wan describe in their Atlantic 2017 as a “long , happy, [and] surprising” stories.

“We hope this film will reach audiences who may not necessarily have a direct connection to autism,” Dorfnan added in a statement. “Every community can be part of a solution that supports a variety of people, including where they work, live, go to school, and more.”




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