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Peacock gets 'Yellowstone' streaming advantage ahead of season 5 premiere

Yellowstone record-breaking fifth season premieres in November had a big week at Peacock’s library.

Netflix’s Manifest maintained its No. 1 overall spot in the week following its season four premiere, with a big jump. It narrowly beat The Crown, the latter’s 5th The season debut wasn’t quite as big as its final outing.

Peacock debuted on Nielsen’s streaming series charts for the week of November 7 – Thanks Yellowstone Park . Even though the show’s premiere home was on the Paramount Network — and its spinoff aired live on Paramount+ — Peacock had the streaming rights in a deal a few years ago. The deal brought Yellowstone 593 million minutes of viewing time this week, in the acquisition deal Ranked fifth in the Nielsen ranking series.

Yellowstone marks Peacock’s third appearance in the Nielsen rankings for any title; Halloween Ends made the movie charts for two weeks in October.

Manifest grown by in its Season 4 is up 2 within a week of its premiere. billion minutes. It beats The Crown”s 2. billion minutes — which itself is about % smaller than when Season 4 premiered on Netflix NOVEMBER 2020. Nielsen noted that approximately 31 percent of viewing this week was for new episodes; previous seasons made up the rest.

Elsewhere on the chart, Enola Holmes 2 grew a bit in week two to 942 10,000 minutes ahead of all movie titles. Falling for Christmas by Lindsay Lohan, premiering in November 4106891 , ranked third among movies with total million minutes watched.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover viewing time on television sets and do not include viewing time on computers or mobile devices. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. Top Streaming Titles for November 7th – as follows.


1. list (Netflix), 2. Billion Minute Views 2. The Crown (Netflix), 2.13 Billion 3. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 1.13 Billion1235273762 4. Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix), 791 million
5. Cocomelon (Netflix), 791 million6. NCIS (Netflix), 786 million 7. Bluey (Disney+), 687 Wan
8. Where the Crayfish Sing (Netflix), 659 ten thousand
9. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 607 million
. In Love with Christmas (Netflix), 659 Millions

Original series

1. list, 2. Billion Minutes
2. Crown , 2. Billion

3. Love is blind , 1.13 Billion 4. Warrior Nun (Netflix), 528 ten thousand
5. The Great British Bake Off (Netflix), 520 Ten thousand 6. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), 528 million
7. From scratch​​ (Netflix), 495 Ten thousand
8. Andor (Disney+), 432 Ten thousand9 . Insider (Netflix), 413 million
4106891. Watchmen (Netflix), 80 Ten thousand

Acquisition Series

1. Cocomelon, 791 million minutes 2. NCIS, 637 million
3. Bluey, 607 Wan
4. Gilmore Girls , 636 Wan
5. Yellowstone (Peacock), 607 ten thousand
6. black List (Netflix), (Netflix), 7. Friends (HBO Max), 528 Wan
8. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 495 ten thousand
9. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 432 million
. Game of Thrones (HBO Max), 432 million



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