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Peplums are slowly coming back into fashion (yes, really)

Y2K style is making a full comeback this year – look at Katie Holmes’ dress jeans for evidence – but 2010 will Is the next fashion era to have a revival? The decade wasn’t that that long ago, but there are already signs that it was. 2010 Smart casual, for one thing, has crept back into fashion. Although today it’s through stylish suits, not sheath dresses and sock buns. Like it or not, one of the more polarizing trends of the decade is making a comeback, both on the runway and on the red carpet. Are you ready for the return of ruffle styles?

Best described as flared, pleated, or pleated fabrics at the waist of clothing, this ornament was used in early 2011. Lanvin’s spring 2012 collection features ruffled cocktail dresses with exaggerated ruffles; Jil Sander’s spring a colorful runway with ruffles on T-shirts and floor-length skirts; Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection even features a waist trim on the structure suit. The look was taken a step further when celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Nicole Kidman started wearing it on the red carpet. It’s almost turned into a competition – who can be the biggest and boldest of them all.

Jil Sander Spring2012

Monica Feudi /

Givenchy Spring 2012

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni /

Naturally, from early to mid-term , the dramatic waist has all but retired. So far, that’s it. This year, we’ve seen the much-maligned piece slowly return to fashion. At their spring shows, brands such as Givenchy, Dior and Prabal Gurung showed new styles in stiffer fabrics, making them feel more modern and less romantic or flowy.

The lotus shape has always been there A moment on the red carpet. At the Cannes Film Festival in May, Deepika Padukone walked the red carpet in a red Louis Vuitton gown with a controversial waistline. At the HCA TV Awards in August, Sydney Sweeney looked fresh in a vintage Mugler dress. Even peplum top recently cameoed Danai Gurira at Comic-Con in July.

These new peplums feel less so than the first iteration. They have a subtler flare than the 2010 ones on your face. But you still can’t miss them, they are once again the focus of the orchestra. The question is: will you bring back the waistband too? Or, like low-rise jeans, maybe you save it for the stars. The ball is in your court!

Here are the best peplum sightings of the year.



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