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Perfect World's Rie Aruga unveils new Koboreru Yoru ni Manga

Arugalie () launched a new product called Koboreru Yoru ni ( of the new manga Love’s Shelter ) this November issue of Kodansha Magazine Saturday.


The story is about Yoru and Tenjaku (the Roman spelling of their English name has not been determined) who grew up in an orphanage. Yoru went to an orphanage after suffered domestic violence. her mother. Sky Sparrow of the same age takes care of the night in the orphanage. A few years have passed, and now Ye is a sophomore in high school, and still has feelings for Tiansha.

Ariga released the

Kōjō Yakei(Factory Skyline) manga in February and ends in April 14. The “socially conscious” comic centers on the relationship between two childhood friends whose love transcends words like “I like you” to persevere even in an unfair world.

Aruga launched Comics Magazine February650, a End of month 2019. Kodansha published 10 volumes compiled for comics. This manga was nominated for Kodansha 2018 in April ‘s rd Comic of the Year Award. Kodansha Manga released the manga in English digital and physical versions.

Live-action film adaptation to be released in Japan in October 2019. The movie earned 14, 17,153 Japanese Yen (Approx. USD 153, 800) ranked fourth at the Japanese box office in its opening weekend. The live-action series based on the manga is on Fuji TV and Kansai TV in April 2019.

2019 Source: ‘Twitter account, Twitter account of Rie Aruga , Comic Natalie




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