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Perte D'ego is the vibrant menswear label to wear on your next vacation

Mithas’ collection began with a focus on the fun, whimsical button-up shirts that have become his signature pieces. The new spring collection includes resort kite embroidered camp collar shirts, light jackets with floral lace trim and dip dyed trousers. “Many of our customers order our products specifically for their special occasions or holidays,” says Mithas, who hopes his products evoke a sense of joy and light-heartedness. “My design motto is ‘a never-ending celebration of life.’ One can wear our clothes on their next vacation, or just have dinner on a Monday night,” he said.

Photo: Courtesy of Shivamm Paathak/Perte D’ego

Travel naturally influences his outfits. “I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many cities around the world and experience different cultures,” says the designer. “Many of the prints and embroideries in our collection are inspired by my Photos taken during the trip are for reference. For example, in the recent Spring 2023 collection, certain pieces featured hand-beaded sunset beach scenes. They were inspired by Mithas’s “Memories of Our Family’s Beach Vacations Every Summer” . The exquisite craftsmanship found in his native India. Everything is made in-house by local artisans and craft artists. Global recognition,” said Misas. “Especially in menswear, there is no Indian brand that can highlight and showcase India’s rich history and craftsmanship globally. ”



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