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Peruse Kim Kardashian's Crafted Mystery Outfit

I’ve written before about the apparent semiotics in most Kardashian content (and the tote collection), but the family tends to bring their symbolism best on Halloween.

Kendall Jenner offered to dress up as “Sexy Woody” from Toy Story . Could this be a nod to her reality TV home network? After all, Hulu is majority owned by Disney, and on a recent Kardashian episode, Kim commented that the KarJenners are “really part of the Disney family.” Later, Kenny also revives a meme by dressing up as the cucumber she worked so hard to cut off in season 1 of The Kardashians. KarJenners are nothing if not self-referential!

In keeping with their rock and roll reputation (last year they were Sid and Nancy), Kourtney and Travis play Chucky and Tiffany. These two are a package deal and they like the kitsch side. Another KarJenner outfit appeared to refer to the couple’s relationship, although it was technically a separate look: After a lot of public speculation over the past year about the status of her relationship with longtime partner Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner dressed up as Frankenstein’s bride . Later, she followed the example of another Goth, Elvira.

Western kids embrace the nostalgic culture characterized by social media and dress up as – as Kim put it on Instagram – “Idols: Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop and Eazy-E .”

Kim, who dressed up as Aaliyah for Halloween in , faced the less enthusiastic public reception, liked “Icon” this phrase. On last week’s episode of The Kardashians, we learned that she named the Victoria’s Secret Angels “Iconic Girls” after she had previously invited them to SKIMs activities. Lest we forget, Kim and her sisters dress up as angels in 2018!



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