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Peter King: Lamar Jackson gets 'lukewarm interest' from an NFL team in Ravens trade talks

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - DECEMBER 04: Quarterback Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens drops back to pass against the Denver Broncos at M&T Bank Stadium on December 04, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens are reportedly not getting the interest they hoped for in Lamar Jackson trade discussions.

NBC Sports’ Peter King (8:10 mark) reports that AFC North’s team “has not played first base with anyone,” adding “has, I would call from a team, tepid interest.” King said the team’s coach instead noted, “I’m focused on a new quarterback, a drafted quarterback.”

Jackson’s situation has been in the spotlight throughout the offseason, but he tweeted Monday that he was in the spotlight when he requested a trade on March 2.

He said Baltimore was “not interested in living up to my worth,” which meant he “had to do something right for me and my family. Most beneficial business decision.”
Ravens tag Louisville product with non-exclusive franchise this offseason , which gives him the ability to negotiate with other teams. However, the AFC North team also has the right to match any offer. If it fails to match, it will get two first-round picks.
While Jackson had the league MVP on his résumé, shortly after the Ravens used the non-exclusive tag, there were reports that multiple teams The team is not interested in the quarterback.
King’s report is a bit of a surprise given the 26-year-old’s age and status as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. The latest example of astonishing reality.
He’s a guy who can hurt defenses with his legs and arms, and if he stays healthy, he might have ten A major production for a year or more.
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters: “This is what I want to see. The guy who gets to be our quarterback. That’s my dude. Five years ago we decided to go with Lamar Jackson. Why? Because we love him. We love the way he plays, we love his mentality, his Charisma, his style — we love everything about him.”
It doesn’t sound like Harbaugh wants the team to trade Jackson, and probably not much interest from the league as a whole.
This means that there may not be a solution in the near future.



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