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Peter King says he should be patient if 49ers release Jimmy Garoppolo

Why King thinks Jimmy G should be patient if 49ers release him originally on NBC Sports Bay Area

49ers Whether or not Jimmy Garoppolo will eventually be traded or released, it’s clear that San Francisco’s former starting quarterback won’t be on the roster this season.

If you ask Peter King of NBC Sports what Garoppolo should do if the 49ers end up cutting him, what should I do.

“If I were Jimmy Garoppolo and I got released, I think there’s a good chance I’d want to wait until some team out there desperately needs it,” Kim told “49ers Talk” this week. Matt Mayoko of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Look, I’m not trying to be the devil here or anything, but the quarterback could be hurt and seriously injured by the end of October.

“Why not?” You just wait instead of saying, ‘Okay, okay, I’m going to Seattle? “

In King’s eyes, Garoppolo had better be patient. If not, he should ask his future teams to guarantee him as their starter beyond the 2022 season.

However, should he land with a team like the Seattle Seahawks or the Cleveland Browns, however, Maiocco points out that if Garoppolo plays well enough, he can get that guarantee.

King even said that given the Browns’ excellent defense and offense like that.

“It’s going to be a bit like the team he just left,” King said.” So can you imagine if Jimmy Garoppolo goes to Cleveland, [Deshaun] Watson gets a one-year suspension, he beats Jacoby Brissett at some point, and they play 10-7 football games in the playoffs? “

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With the recent revolving around With conflicting reports of a potential Browns trade for Garoppolo, it’s unclear whether the veteran signal caller will end up in Cleveland. Considering Geno Smith and Drew Lock compete under Seattle’s center, if the 49ers Team releases him, and the Seahawks will likely call Garoppolo.

As King suggested to Garoppolo, the 49ers faithful will have to wait for the outcome of this quarterback saga be patient.



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